First Universal 3D Shutter Glasses to debut soon

Title says it all really. Take a look at the first cross-compatible 3D glasses coming out in the next few months in this article by iWaggle3D.

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richierich2852d ago

Well Im all for it if it can eliminate headaches and eyestrain I cannot look at my 3D TV in 3D mode for any longer than 1 hour without getting a massive headache and dizzyness.

blumatt2852d ago

I've tried it out and never had any problems with headaches. I guess it depends on the person. This is a good thing that they're making universal shutter glasses; now we'll be able to take them to a friend's house who doesn't have enough pairs of 3D glasses.

SMW2851d ago

I finally got my mother to try out my new 3D set. Word from the wise.... wip3out HD is NOT the best game with which to introduce people to 3D. She nearly puked on the spot. It was awesome.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )


This Glasses are pricey, but taking into account production costs, makes sense.

Thecraft19892852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

They are not the first xpand where the first.

distorted_reality2852d ago

Did you read the article?

"Leading company in all things 3D XpanD will start the ball rolling by releasing their Universal 3D Glasses (Model no. X103)."

OT - is a step in the right direction, but i'm still waiting for glassless 3d, next year hopefully.

Huwmor2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

This article, including the links, actually changed my mind to think that maybe 3D may catch on. After all the price will come down and get more user friendly possibly leading to a high adoption rate within the next 2 years. However if they can get glassless 3D to work properly, who knows what might happen. We must watch on with interest.

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