Heavenly Sword Interview: God of War, Sixaxis, Sequels & More

Ninja Theory's self-titled chief development 'ninja', Nina Kristensen, seemed pleased with the result of four years development when CVG sat down to talk shop at Games Convention last week. So pleased in fact, that she even spoke to CVG about a possible (and blatently obvious) sequel.

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b777conehead4130d ago

this game looks impressive.and only building for the ps3 the game will take advantage of the ps 3 hardware

MK_Red4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

Getting inspiration from great movies like Hero is certainly welcome God Of War is still the biggest influence IMO and thats not a bad thing, considering GOW is a true masterpiece.

cartman3134130d ago

2007 - 4 = 2003

God of War released 2005.

Heavenly Sword started development in 2003? Inspired by GOW? Not likely.

360RULEZ4130d ago

this game is not worth more than a rental

it has 6 hours of length ( inculding cutscenes ).. and no multiplayer .. only sony fandroids will actually pay 60$ for it ..

IMO this game will do very well in game rentals, but won't sell more than 300 k

.. and it's definitely not a system seller

WaggleLOL4130d ago

You should be scared fanboy!

With nothing more than crappy last gen looking Halo 3 with its crappy networking with no dedicated servers and only 16 players per game and the most defective hardware ever in the history of the console market and the 360 dead in two out of three console regions and barely staying ahead of the 150 dollar more expensive PS3 right now.

Keyser4130d ago


What kid is going to see Lair, Heavenly Sword, or Warhawk and not want it? They'll play it in stores and wish they were home playing it.

Heavenly Sword will seel over 300K it's first day!!! (I thought I'd make wild assumptions like you, this is fun!!!)

360RULEZ4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

its pathetic seeing sony's lineup for this summer crumble to dust ...

lair turned out to be pathetic

hs very short, relies on button mashing, no jump, no block, and not creative ( copy paste from god of war )

warhawk shrinked to a multiplayer-only game aimed only at the most hardcores

nix4130d ago

PS3 section was always the happening place... and it always will be. of course, it attracts lots'a idiots like you but we can live with it. we have and we will... keep trolling!

Keyser4130d ago

I'd like to hear some 360 news but the articles for it are seriously drying up. Bioshock was huge but now even that has dried up. 64% (approx.) of the news is PS3 related. There is far better contribution for the PS3 than there is for the 360. Even the 360 guys get PS3 news, granted most of it's bad but's all you read about.

Sony is still having a good push from it's E3 showing because since E3 this site has done a 180. There are some really good games coming out right now. That's good for all gamers regardless of console preference. Good times...

cloud3604130d ago

AM waiting for that William bast*rd guy to say all of these games sucks.

Keyser4130d ago

when you have 360RULEZ more than happy to step in and do that. :)

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