Surprise! Streets of Rage 2 now available on XBLA

With Super Puzzle Fighter II HD Remix coming out on XBLA this week, it was easy to forget that there were two games being released this week. In fact, no one really knew what the second one would be -- until now. Also being released today is Streets of Rage 2. Available for 400 points in all regions, Streets of Rage 2 features Live and local multiplayer, and an HD graphics filter.

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SuperSaiyan44126d ago

Even though I still think number 1 was the best, for 400points its far better priced than most other arcade games that cost double!

FirstknighT4126d ago

Hell yeah....give me the trilogy please!

UMC4126d ago

I have got a PS3 and I have bought an Elite on friday, this makes this purchase even more special (it is an old game) but one that I played on my mega Drive years ago and loved it. Superb.

BloodySinner4126d ago

There's too much to play! I bought Bioshock and Marvel: Ultimate alliance 2 days ago and I haven't finished Dead Rising and The Darkness. Now THIS?! DAMN!

JasonXE4126d ago

I love Streets of Rage 2 which I've asked for a while back. IT"S ALSO HAS MULTIPLAYER!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.