Is Gran Turismo 5 still relevant?

During GT5's development cycle three Forza Morotorsport games have been developed and shipped, Michael Schumacher has retired from and returned to F1 Racing and The Stig has revealed his true identity (spoiler: it wasn't Schumacher).

With that it mind, PSM3 argues whether it's too late for Sony's flagship racing franchise. Is Gran Turismo 5 even relevant any more?

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WLPowell2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

"Along with Duke Nukem Forever, Sony's Gran Turismo 5 has become one of the most delayed games of all time."


movements2519d ago

Come on......write about something else.

ShinMaster2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Well it's CVG, lol.

They're even talking about the body deformation from like the old E3 demo seen at stores.

thong_pounder2519d ago

to me it was delayed only once so it really doesn't matter and I know I'll be playing it a week before the actual release date. SUBWAY RULES...

sikbeta2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

How lame.... of course it's relevant, it's The Real Driving Simulator #5

Dee_912519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

aka sites that let journalist publish a article without doing any bit of real research

SWORDF1SH2519d ago

This is not what it seems. It actually is one persons argument against another from a feature in PSM3 where they debate something every month. But on N4G this article will be viewed in a different light with everybody with their opinions taking it out of context.

It a fun article from a magazine that care about gaming. The main feature this week is about GT5 and they are pro GT5. So don't give me they are biased sh*t.

mastiffchild2519d ago

Yet more of the GT5 hate, eh? When this game lands it will have to overcome a solid wall of hatred spawned by articles like this and the "does GT5 HAVE to be perfect after the wait?" at GR!! No other game which suffered similar, or worse, delays has ever had this amount of ridicule and even bile spouted at and about it. It isn't going to get a fair hearing at review and these articles as much as admit that for me.

I don't recall other oft delayed games(and in my region this is the first GT5 delay really)being marked down for the length of their dev cycle-and the devs of most of those games DIDN'T have other products that they released during that development whereas we've seen Prologue, Concept and GTPSP from PD while making GT5 haven't we? Yes, so they've hardly been wasting time at all. Also, unlike Alan Wake(which was similarly delayed)GT5 hasn't been losing features but ADDING them, the kind of features F3 SHOULD have had before even thinking about using words like "definitive" ! Any delay has been spent polishing and adding modes and features to an already bumper package and not just frittered away a la Too Human.

Why is THIS the game that has to pay for being delayed with a million moaning articles? Why is this the game sites are saying HAS to be perfect to even stand a chance? Seriously, I'm not one for feeling there ARE conspiracies by and large but I AM at a loss to explain the amount of GT5 hatred I've seen over the past month or two. I think it's totally out of line with how other delayed games were treated by both gamers and the media myself and have to wonder just why this has happened. One thing's for sure, mind, it's STILL relevant and anyone thinking otherwise will have to scratch their heads together when it's starts selling just as well as the series always has. They sold nearly 3million GTPSP I read somewhere and Prologue sold well too-why on Earth wouldn't the game everyone's been waiting for? CVG make me sad to be English sometimes.

rockleex2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Too Human
Starcraft 2
Duke Nukem

Oh wait, you're talking about most DELAYED games. Well GT5's only been delayed twice.

I could find a list of games that's been delayed more than that.

Get back under your bridge CVG.

SWORDF1SH2519d ago

There is so much anger over GAMES! I just seen what I could look like to others when I reply sometimes and it's sad and perfetic?

Like you consoles of choice and games of choice and stop hating. Gonna respect every consoles and game from now on. (unless is a well deserved beat down lol)

Be a gamer. Not a hater.

tacosRcool2519d ago

Pure and utter flamebait

Hades13372519d ago

As usual we get the old "this site is shit, they're all 360 fanboys" comments. Maybe none of you bothered to read that the argument is taken from PSM3. You didn't even have to click into the article to realise that, it says right there on the description. Another example of people commenting after reading only the title.

As for the argument itself, I don't think the points raised will take away from the experience. It's just a shame that it has taken them so long to make; in any other industry, people just wouldn't stand for it.

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BubbleSystemSuck2519d ago

just wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooOOOOOOOOooooow

ThatArtGuy2519d ago

All I can do is roll my eyes.

theonlylolking2519d ago

GT5 was delayed 2 times. So its not one of the most delayed games of all time. It is one of the most popular games to take forever to release.

number472519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

[original comment deleted]

i'm not even going to bother. This is complete flamebait. wow. CVG shouldn't let irresponsible stuff like this even be posted?

Blaze9292519d ago

didn't someone do an article like this already?

RyuStrife2519d ago

Most Delayed Game = LA Noire

I don't even think Duke is delayed that much. It was just never finished, till now.

iPad2519d ago

This article is freaking retarded. The amounts of "delays" people keep saying which are fake just shows the anticipation of Gran Turismo 5.

How dumb are you to not understand that?!

popup2519d ago

The article is a stupid mirror feature to get hits. Shame all the hits leave the site feeling like never returning!

I just really wish that Sony could at least provide some sort of communication with regard to the delay of this title. They are encouraging backlash articles and speculation and above all, it is an insult to an otherwise loyal fanbase.

Despite this game being most wanted on my part since it was announced, half of me is furious about the way I am being treated. It is not fair! Someone needs to educate these guys on simple customer service. All they need to do is provide some kind of commentary relating to the situation keeping the community updated and thus avoiding damning articles and gossip from circulating.

Sorry for the rant but my face is :(

colonel1792519d ago

What about Final Fantasy Versus XIII? It was announced in 2006 and there hasn't been any gameplay trailer. They just showed like 5 sec of "gameplay" after all these years..

Yet, they complain about GT5...

but yeah, I forgot.. is a PS3 exclusive, so they HAVE to hate on something PS related, that's the journalist protocol this gen..

itsralf2519d ago

Versus XIII is also PS3 exclusive. At least it still is to my knowledge.

bustamove2519d ago

Maybe someone should list the games that have been delayed because this is getting repetitive now.

DigitalAnalog2518d ago

I know that there are sections of debate -- but then there is also a level of intelligence one must bring to the table if you were to make a point across. Looking at this for instance:


Supported claim:

At its core GT5 is doing nothing to innovate in an already well catered for racing genre. 'But its got head-tracking, and 3D, NASCAR and Go Karts!' you cry.


I guess the fool didn't realize there was a new "driving" system that was released back then as a TT mode that made it a lot more realistic and yet much more difficult to control.

-End statement

STiRacer2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

There should only be one question, and one question only concerning this game, when the hell is the mottherfucken release date???!!! When???!!!

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GamerSciz2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

No...Longer answer, no because this site is absolute crap.

OT: Hell yes it is relevant. I am still saving up and waiting for Black friday to get a new big screen to play it on. I got it all planned out regardless of when it comes out.

sikbeta2519d ago

Is this "cvg" site relevant?

jony_dols2519d ago

CVG is a relevant site, this article however is not.

InfectedDK2519d ago

Not at all, in any way :)

DeepInterludium2519d ago

Let's see:

"Yes, it has all these frills, which - on the box at least - will distract you from the fact that the AI still behaves like robots, sticking to the racing line like Scalextric cars."

"How many of you will actually use 3D or head-tracking? Hmm, not too many."

Head tracking is a great feature to have, and I would love to use 3D if I could afford it.

"Karting? The minute Crash Bandicoot or Sonic climbs into a go-kart we scoff and say 'well, that series is circling the drain'."

7 time F1 world champion Michael Schumacher karting (BTW, CTR was great):

"NASCAR? Is there anything on this earth more boring? The reality of GT is driving 50 laps around a test track in a Volvo while you desperately try to save up for a half-decent sports car."

Having more features is apparently a bad thing. Every GT game offered sport cars at the start in Arcade and GT4 offered high end cars at the beginning of career mode.

"And then there's the damage. The car deformation looks like someone smeared the vehicle in Vaseline."


Dr-Zoidberg2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

well said

FiftyFourPointTwo2519d ago

You deserve a bubble my good friend.

Fishy Fingers2519d ago

"With that it mind, PSM3 argues"

CVG just posts articles from other sources/magazines.

mastiffchild2519d ago

A lkot of them, though, are from "sister" sites with links(like PSM3)to CVG and/or that share an office building and publisher etc. So, whilke they don't write their own stuff per se you can still note a general tone of BS from them!

nikoado2519d ago

True, they included they argument from PSM3 but THEY wrote "Along with Duke Nukem Forever, Sony's Gran Turismo 5 has become one of the most delayed games of all time."

So, yeah you have to question their site/journalism.

Craptain_Steel2519d ago

I see nothing but hate.

But it all flies out the back of my head with every new Video.