The Five Greatest Artistic PlayStation 2 Games

The PlayStation 2 library featured some of the most important games ever in terms of pushing the boundaries of video games as art. Here are five of the best.

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SmokexFFx2848d ago

SotC was art wasn't it? :)

jc485732848d ago

I wonder how well these games would do on the 360. The reason why I hate 360 gamers it's because they always think ps2/ps3 has no games. O.o can someone please tell me why they think like that? I don't want to hear your fanboy opinion please.

SmokexFFx2848d ago

This is a list about "The Five Greatest Artistic PlayStation 2 Games" not about 360 gamers. Since when did anyone ever say PS2 has no games anyways, that's just blasphemy.

jack_burt0n2848d ago

i remember when jedi starfighter was a big release the ps2 had some early dark days sfex3 was poop.

Drjft2848d ago

Can we actually see some creativity and fresh ideas, instead of rehashed lists. All of these end up being topped by Shadow of the Colossus anyway, and I can safely bet that most people probably haven't even played it.

Lyr1c2848d ago

I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be saying that if you have played it yourself.

There's a reason it's at the top of nearly every list..

HinakoNinomiya2848d ago

i swear these games are gonna make me cry. the only game that did that were kh 1 and 2. the last guardian will do the same thing to me as well.

CellularDivinization2848d ago

You need some serious testosterone, bro.
Unless you are a girl, then it will all make sense.

HinakoNinomiya2848d ago

so a video game can't make you cry?

TheGrimReaper2847d ago

Right now I'm thinking about a parrot which is saying: "Hal, I miss you!"
Everyone who played MGS2 should know what I mean.
The music, the action on screen and the complicated relationship of the characters...
It has been too much for me at that time.
Couldn't fight the tears...

CellularDivinization2847d ago

I went through the microwave scene without shedding a tear, but also recognizing the emotions conveyed the whole time. Everyone who played MGS4 knows what I mean.

RageAgainstTheMShine2847d ago

PS2 put the last nail in the coffin of Sega sad I loved me Dreamcast.

PS2 also did Gamecube & Xbox... man the PS2 is one-man console killing machine!!!!