Hexus: Fallout: New Vegas Review

Hexus: "Within the first hour-and-a-half of our Fallout: New Vegas experience we had to reset our Xbox 360 three times. Once when our body got stuck half way through a rock and we couldn’t move, or get back to the menu screen, and twice when our Pip Boy froze unexpectedly."

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rroded2818d ago

just trying to get the review done

n I'm still waiting for em ta fix the last one lol

Perjoss2818d ago

they didnt make the last one, they just borrowed the engine, models, animations and pretty much everything else.

Hideo_Kojima2818d ago

if it wasnt for the bugs i would give it a 93

GodsHand2818d ago

I would keep around the low 80's. For the fact that the story is not as engaing like the prevoius game Fallout 3. In New Vegas you take the active role as the courier, and get shot for the tiem you happen to possesion of. There is realy no back drop of your past. In Fallout 3, you start from a infante, and grow to a teenager, to an adult. You got to experience a little bit of the lone wanderer up bringing, before the main story took off. For me New vegas just pretty much threw you into the game, trying to find out who shot you, and where he went. Still a great game, but it was lacking in the story development to me.

NewsForMe2818d ago

Fallout 3 was more engaging? Lots of people whined about the growing up in the vault part and the main story had very little choice and was just a "save the world" plot.

Hideo_Kojima2816d ago

I see your point...

it would have been nice to have about an hour of gameplay leading you up to the time you got shot.

Instead of having the doc reconstruct your face and teach you how to walk again.

In Fallout 3 there was so much confusion as to who you really were and what the truth was but in New Vegas you never really find out who you were and there is no mystery to uncover apart from finding the guy who shot you who you already know what he looks like and that he is a douchebag who pretty much had no purpose to shoot you apart from stealing from you.

Beahmscream2818d ago

How do you have 3 game breaking bugs in less than an hour and a half and give the game a high B?

SephireX2818d ago

Because turning on and off the console is fun and you know it!