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Yesterday marked the 10-year anniversary of the PlayStation 2 in North America, so we thought it would be fun to ask a few high-profile game developers and journalists to name their top three “must play” PS2 games. Word quickly spread, the project swelled in scope, and the result is what you see here — a definitive list of “must-play” PS2 games by some of the greatest living game developers in the business.

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theonlylolking2855d ago

I am glad that there is a devs list of favorites. Gets kinda old when fans name them.

My 3 favorite are:

Granturismo 4

Star wars battlefront 1 or 2 cant decide

god of war 2

gtamike2855d ago

GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City!

rockleex2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Shadow of the Colossus
Zone of the Enders 2
Devil May Cry 3

HolyOrangeCows2855d ago

Hey Cliff! Are you sure your favorite Ps2 game isn't....KILL SWITCH?!

TOO PAWNED2855d ago

Ken Levine
"Dark Cloud 2 - It’s Diablo meets Sim City meets Tiger Woods Golf meets Pokemon. If you can only afford one game in your life, this might be the one to pick up."

This guy goes on my top 10 list and takes first place! Dark Cloud 2 for the win!

BattleAxe2855d ago

I didn't think these guys would be such noobs...............I wonder if they ever heard of a game called Socom.. Well it seems none of these guys have ever played an online game before.

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SmokexFFx2855d ago

Your right, it gets old when fans make them, nice fan-made list btw.

Jake3602855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Gran Turismo 4, Jak 3, Rayman 3 and Star wars Battlefront 1 were mine. :D Still play the first battlefront now sometimes lol. Want a new one!

Edit: After reading the article how could i forget about Spiderman 2!!! Spent ages just catching a helicopter and drifting around the city! :P

PS360fanboy2855d ago

1- GTA: Vice City
2- GT3
3- Ico and Shadow of the Colossus

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FiftyFourPointTwo2855d ago

I agree with Tim Willits' picks the most. :)

Lazy_Gamer2855d ago

My picks:
GoW 1&2

LowDef2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Don't you guys want to know my favorites?????/


Okay. But I do respect David Cage a little bit more now.

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The story is too old to be commented.