Borderlands Title update detailed

Gamingbolt: Gearbox has just detailed their soon to be released title update v1.41 for Borderlands in a forum post over at their official forums.

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SuperStrokey11232850d ago

Slowly but surely coming out. Good to know. Cant really complain when its a free update either can we. Good stuff.

cyborg2850d ago

has lots of good content for a free update

kancerkid2850d ago

Gearbox has really handled updates/DLC well. The industry needs to take some notes from them. *DICE*

Christopher2850d ago

Is this PC only or will it make its way to the 360/PS3? Would love to hop back in this with a level cap increase.

SuperStrokey11232850d ago

It will be on all, you could have just read the article...

Christopher2850d ago

I did, twice now, but missed the last sentence. Thanks for the response nonetheless.

trainsinrdr2850d ago

does this mean a playthrough 3?

BiggieWings2850d ago

Playthrough 3 and a level cap increase is what i've been waiting for.

ThanatosDMC2850d ago

Finally, making the enemies stronger... i hope they become as powerful as they look. My explosive 3-shot revolver kills all with one hit.

Simco8762850d ago

Got this game for PS3, if anyone wants to buy it I will take it for trade in value.

joydestroy2850d ago

haha i bet you are trying to get rid of it. was complete trash on the PS3. did they ever fix the chat feature? bet not

i'm considering getting GOTY edition on PC when it drops to maybe $30 if that happens before Rage comes out.

also, shouldn't these guys be concentrating on DN:F?

SuperStrokey11232850d ago

What are you talking about? The game wasnt bad ont eh ps3 at all. Stop making stuff up. Also its just a patch so its not like they are using 100 people on it...

cyberwaffles2850d ago

no, the game wasn't broken on the PS3 at all. it just got boring after a while. it did for me at least, not sure about you. borderlands 2 at least has a strong foundation to build upon.

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