Xbox 360's Kinect Will Be 'Big Winner' This Holiday, says Market Researcher Ipsos

Using its proprietary research from the Vantis Files, market research company Ipsos today said that Microsoft's Kinect camera is poised to be the "big winner" among tech products this holiday shopping season. The research tested consumer responses to Kinect and Sony's PlayStation Move and found that Kinect has the advantage.

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donniebaseball2730d ago

Ipsos is pretty big in market research. Microsoft gets yet another feather in its cap for Kinect. Seems like the momentum is really building.

THE MAX SPEED 212730d ago

It was on Ellen degeneres aswell I think.

zootang2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Where are the games!

Edit: Would you boys be glad that Angry Birds was the big winner this year?

SmokexFFx2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

I see many agrees in your future.
Oh, and you forgot your question mark.
And just for good measure...

gigaware2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Your trolling is pretty petty. I have a feeling you will be asking where are the games no matter what comes out. What you consider games is your own opinion and not fact.

THE MAX SPEED 212730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Taking into consideration that kinect is about to come out I'm pretty sure you know just as everybody the first wave of games will be casual stuff just like PS move games. Then you'll have the 2nd wave that will introduce the more ''core'' stuff.

edit @ zoo below me :

Who ever Said I was buying Kinect? I guess you assumed I was a Xbox fanatic because I defended kinect? You were obviously trolling and we've grown tired of people like you.

zootang2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

I can't make sense of you boys. You will buy an add on for $149 to play mini games and don't complain. I just don't see the potential of tactile-less gaming, I must be stupid.

Edit: @MAX

I could play Resi 5 and MAG with move, not so casual.

Edit: @Max
I assumed you was buying Kinect, just like you guess that I assumed that you was an "xbox fanatic". I never called you a troll and I would appreciate it if you wouldn't, it's not nice. We are people not products!

AAACE52730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Do the math...

PS Move starter kit gives you the controller, camera and a game for $100. You then have to buy the sub controller for $30! Then you have to buy an extra controller($50) and sub controller($30) for 2 people to play!

$130+tax for 1 person to play! $210+tax for 2 people to play!

Kinect cost $150+tax and 2 people can play with 1 camera... does it make sense to you now! Even if you go for the single player setup, PS move only cost $20 less than Kinect!

You can play Res Evil 5 and MAG with your regular controller. And if you feel that being able to play old games with a new controller justifies it's purchase, you are either blind or just finally admitting you never really liked the DS 3!

Before you go screaming fanboy, I don't plan on buying Kinect, but my wife might. And I will stick with my DS 3 over Move.

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rekonizakilla2730d ago

This is a silly thing to get excited about, and the margins of this demand over the move arent that great.

Just follow the link and look!

As I look into my crystal ball, I see kinect selling better than move in the U.S.

I see move selling better than kinect in japan, and I see a close contest in Europe.

I also see me slapping myself in the face for getting involved in a pointless pissing contest.

Why don't we all just get our rulers out and settle this once and for all.

SmokexFFx2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

The slap...the slap in the face, did it hurt?

Anyways rulers are too short for my boy.

rekonizakilla2730d ago

just a tad.

BTW I wouldnt even want a erm,...... organ that big

SmokexFFx2730d ago

You don't know what your missing.

tinybigman2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

I pretty much don't care it doesn't appeal to me especially at $150, and shovelware games, so ill just be playing games im looking forward too.

Assassins creed brotherhood
need for speed hot pursuit
gran turismo 5
sly cooper collection
epic Mickey
black ops (single player)
majin and the forsaken kingdom

id like to thank the disagreer(s) for proven to me that you'd rather buy a camera with shovelware over 7 great games coming out.

eliasg2730d ago

Take that Sony fanboys!!!!!!

N4Great2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Lol, poor desperated fanboy happy for a thing with bad previews and no games, pathetic world.

"Seems like the momentum is really building. "
Yes, and it's really sad.

better hardware and games must sell better, but people are dumbs sheeps watching tv all the day.

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HuGi2730d ago

Oprah and Sell out at 450$$ on HHS program... 2000 people bought a Xbox for 450$ with Kinect... Rip OFF

donniebaseball2730d ago

The Oprah appearance definitely was a huge, huge win for MS

niceguywii602730d ago

It was set to be the next evolution/revolution the day it was shown. You can spin its popularity all you wan't. Keven Buttler could have been on Oprah and HSN saying nothing but pew pew pew and the sales would have skyrocketed. The tech is new and impressive. Sure every celeb catches the attention of more consumers faster the Kinect effect is due to the impressive futuristic tech. Trying to make it seem like people are all of a sudden excited simply because of Oprah is moronic at best.

acky12730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

"the tech is new"..."futuristic tech"? What? You're not talking to kinect's target audience on here, we know your bullshitting.

Edit: Why disagrees? This tech (voice recognition, camera-control) has been worked on for decades. Why disagrees? Please explain.

acky12730d ago

Loads of disagrees with no explanations...typical

kaveti66162730d ago

acky, the reason why you get disagrees isn't because people disagree with what you said. it's because people find your presence annoying and want you to go away, and that's their way of expressing it.

no, kinect is not new. neither is 3D. neither are motion controls of any kind.

microsoft and sony and nintendo are liars. they want our money. whoever lies the best and convinces us to give them our money are the winners. right now, some people say that sony isn't lying but ms is lying. they're all lying. fanboys are brainwashed and are easily deceived.

acky12730d ago

Its amazing that people on this site 'find your presence annoying and want you to go away' when you say a very unbiased comment that is completely true...incredible.

KageMonkey2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )


From the input lag to the numerous problems already shown in various demos, Microsoft knows that they have a non-functional product; but instead of scrapping or delaying the obviously non-working product, they opt to spend millions and use celebrities to try to convince and pass off a faulty device as the next generation of input for gaming.

From RROD and over-priced peripherals, to the marketing that push inferior technology such as HD-DVD, Zune, IE and Kinect, Microsoft's strategy is all designed around throwing out faulty and inferior technology, and then use marketing to trick consumers into buying them.

If you think that Microsoft's success is based on their quality product, you are delusional. Just have to look back at the security problems of IE, RROD, the crashes of Windows 95-98 Era, and you will perhaps realize that Microsoft products are not built on quality, rather, Microsoft's "success" is built taking advantage of the consumer through a stranglehold monopoly, as well as heavy investments into marketing (instead of investments into pushing innovation) to promote inferior technology.

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dtrain212730d ago

U guys better pre order cuz this is gonna be massive and its gonna be difficult to find one this holiday

donniebaseball2730d ago

Yeah it's possible that if the momentum keeps building it could be like the "tickle me elmo" of 2010

WLPowell2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

We'll have to wait and see what the casuals buy more...

Oh so we can only hype up casual crap when MS is doing it? got it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Because you said MS and not Sony. If you had said good for Sony you would have 25 agrees by now and 10 comments about how Move innovates.

See below, point proven.

Iramo2730d ago

Would've gotten bubbles praise for not chosiing the xbox and a flote in is honor all funded by ps3 fanboys who don't even play games

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