IGN: Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Review

Undead Nightmare is what downloadable content should be -- a lot of bang for your buck. There's a whole lot of new here: a 6+ hour single-player campaign, two multiplayer modes, two outfits, side missions, weapons, mounts, etc. It's clear that Rockstar didn't skimp on this package, and priced at a cool $10 or 800 Microsoft points, neither should you. There's a lot of fun to be had in this light-hearted version of the West, so if you're craving a well-polished zombie-filled package of fun, here it is.

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Jack-Pyro2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Holy Hellfire! This must be one badass DLC, TARNATION!

Joule2767d ago

Best DLC ever? possibly

-Ikon-2767d ago

Best ever goes to Borderlands Knoxx DLC

RedDead2767d ago

I got bored of RDR just before I finsihed the game, I coudln't be bothered with the rest, this however is possbly the most game changing DLC to ever exist(besides some source engine mods) . I may have to go out and buy RDR again for this...

DORMIN2767d ago

Definitely one of the best DLCs ever but not 10/10. I'd give it a 9.6 so far.

It gets pretty frustrating fighting zombies with melee, even with the torch because the game was made more for cover shooting. Aside from that this is a must buy for R* fans. The atmosphere and humor is just amazing.

despair2767d ago

the thing is for $10.00($8 ps+) its got more content than some full titles, full single player story, multiplayer modes and of course the main theme zombies!! As far as DLC goes for quality and fun its definitely a 10/10

tacosRcool2767d ago

Is it gonna be worth it?

Game-ur2767d ago

6 hour single player is as long as many full games, 10$ is incredibly cheap.

vickers5002767d ago

Just a small, but awesome little note to some people that may care:

They FINALLY added the ability to swap the L1 and L2 and R1 and R2 buttons so you can now FINALLY aim with L1 and shoot with R1. I don't know if that was added in the main single player game (it might have been with the patch, but I'm not sure) but I do know that it works in the Zombie campaign. Finally someone at Rockstar heard that some of us despise the R2 and L2 triggers.

L1+R1 fo' life, lol.

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beavis4play2767d ago

i'd say the combat is more dependant on correct use of deadeye and making accurate headshots than calling it "made for cover shooting".

as far as score - i'd give it a 9.6-9.8........but that's splitting hairs. anyone who wants loads of fun should download this immediately.

XANDEO2767d ago

If you press just the right trigger/R2 near a zombie youll shoot them straight in the head (1 shot kill) and conserve ammo, i found this the best way.

beavis4play2767d ago

that does work - but not when there are swarms of zombies around you - then dead eye is more effecive. as long as you target the head - it's still one shot per kill.

Man In Black2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Compare this to £10 for a fucking map pack. This took me about 11 hours to finish 100%, and it's worth every penny. Makes up for the previous 2 lackluster DLC packs.

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theafroman2767d ago

dlc was done right on RDR developers take note

XANDEO2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Puts activisions map packs and most other companies dlc to shame, best 800 points ive ever spent.

GiggMan2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Well that seals it for me.

Consider this bought.

Red_Phoenix2767d ago

A perfect score! That is freaking insane!

GLoRyKnoT2767d ago

IGN cannot deny this a 10 ! who can? so fun :)

lastdual2767d ago

And Rockstar continues to show how DLC should be done.

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