Resident Evil 4 Shows How "Dangerous" Is More Terrifying than "Scary"

Despite throwing out conventional horror techniques, Resident Evil 4 is still the most terrifying game.

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Matthew942851d ago

I agree , when I know an enemy can kill me without any effort I am more scared than say, there is a necromorph hiding in a vent in DS.

RedDead2851d ago

Res 4 still had the old jumpy horror parts, remember the invisable insects things the first time you encounter them? They scared the shit outta me in the same way Dead space scares me(well it tries to)

rod_furlong2851d ago

Thanks, that bird/spider picture is the stuff of nightmares.

acronkyoung2851d ago

Really enjoyed this article. I've been afraid of the brown recluse spider since a SModcast years ago when Kevin Smith discovered it's existence and went on at length about how horrible it was. Really interesting parallel for games.