Emergent Horror in Resident Evil 4

Daniel Sims: Resident Evil 4 gave me the most desperate moment I've ever had in a game, and it was totally unscripted.

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Matthew942767d ago

i felt bad for him when i read the ending, all that effort...

RE4 is still great unlike its sequel...

Tolkoto2767d ago

Yeah, its weird how despite its similarities RE4 is so much better than RE5.

acronkyoung2767d ago

Man, I should go back and play RE4 again. I completely forgot about that guy. It's really awesome when something in a game works out like a scene in a movie. It really gets your adrenaline pumping when you get by on the skin of your teeth, but if just a hair more ends up killing you it can completely destroy that feeling of badassery you'd built up.