Zero Punctuation: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow REVIEW

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

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Game: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Genre: Action Adventure
Developer: MecurySteam & Kojima Productions
Publisher: Konami
Platform(s): PS3, Xbox360

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rroded2854d ago

after having rented it i gotta say hes about dead on tho i never beat it (just wasnt worth the extra weeks rent for me)

the camera was pure fail n the fighting was pretty lame dudes whip looks n feels like a little white string. n hated the way the mapped the block n roll to the same button. On the positive side the game does look good n with lots of unlocks n powers ta play with im sure some peeps will enjoy it.

Matthew942854d ago

meh alright review, they haven't been as funny as previous ones

does anybody actually consider what he says when buying games, I just watch them for the laughs.

Da One2854d ago

and funny as hell, i'd use his reviews to point out the negative aspects of the games.

lightningsax2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

I like to see what he has to say, especially about a game that I like. He obviously enjoys gaming enough to stick around and do weekly reviews, but he loves pointing out the negative - it's kinda his shtick. If he really likes a game, you'll get the idea that he mildly enjoys playing it on ZP.

You do have to take his reviews for what they are - definitely a personal opinion. He has genres that he can't stand (JRPG) and genres that he plays all the time, albeit getting bored of them (FPS/TPS), and genres that he loves (anything horror, so long as it's good). Therefore, you won't get much "Should I buy this?" input on the latest JRPG - you can watch his review of The World Ends With You or FFXIII, but it really doesn't tell you much other than "I don't like JRPG's, so, your mileage may vary." Still funny, though.

blackburn52854d ago

He has a point about the camera. Unseen enemies are a pain. Just like Ninja Gaiden

alphakennybody2854d ago

always spot on reviews. keep it up!

Tommykrem2854d ago

It comes on two DVD's? Why, I didn't notice ONE DVD. Oh, right PS3...
No, but a funny review. I've only played the demo, and I don't listen too much to Yahtzee, but he's funny. And honest, I think.

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