Rumor: Sony PSP2 Wide HD Screen Panel In The Works

It looks like Sony is developing the next generation portable console, PSP2 in silence. However, we have amazing news from a factory. According to the message and image, it seems like Sony is really working on a wide, HD resolution screen.

It is not surprising that the second generation PSP will make its appearance in 2011, since the Nintendo 3DS will be available in March.

Also, we have sent an email to Sony regarding this rumor, and we’ll keep you guys updated.

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sinncross2583d ago

I don't know.
I'm thinking they'll go ED with 576p resolution (better then both PSP and 3DS) with the ability to output on a TV at 720p.

I'm not the most knowledgeable but this, but is HD really that viable on a portable screen to the human eye?

If so, then HD all the way Sony!

jay22583d ago

Nah, 960-by-640's iPhone 4's res, so I'd hope Sony get close/get to a 1280×720 (True 720P) res. Screen looks nice so I'm hoping we'll get a nice, crisp image.

rockleex2582d ago

Full PSN access with friends list + trophies + etc

Matthew942583d ago

i really dont care about hd on a portable

TroyAndAbed2583d ago

I have a 3GS.

I dream about having an iPhone 4 EVERY day.

darthawesome902582d ago

HD isn't really necessary on a portable but it will allow output to a HDTV much like the Zune HD. Who doesn't want to play a great portable game on the HDTV (for me it's crisis core).

If there is no HDTV output then it's just added fluff and Sony would be wiser in upping the contrast ratio, brightness, etc. of the screen instead.
I say it's fluff because the pixels will be so small that the average person will not be able to tell the diff. between 480p and 720p.

pedrami912583d ago

But HD on the go ? A second analog stick will be quite fine im sure.

Stealth20k2583d ago

Nice to see rumors on the actual psp 2 and not the sony ericson phone

jony_dols2583d ago

What is the story with the PSP phone? Is it capable of only playing PSP1 games?

Or is Sony going to use it as the PSP2?

frankymv2583d ago

It will be more of an iPad competitor......good move sony as touch pad use is exploding.

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