Killzone 3 Beta - "The Dam" HD Gameplay Video

The 3rd map is also the most complex, with a variety of landscapes at your disposal. On one side is an industrial complex, with claustrophobic hallways and treacherous catwalks. On the other side is a vast open area, with buildings lining the perimeter, all at the base of a large dam. All of the buildings are connected, and many have multiple floors and complex architecture. No matter what your preferred play-style is, this map will cater to it. Snipers will love the open area by the dam, while Infiltrators and Tacticians will thrive in the winding hallways. Engineers that have upgraded their abilities will find solace in the fact that their turrets will be incredibly effective, no matter what section they’re in. Even with the larger size, the action can get very intense, with huge firefights taking-place at entrance points and in the cramped hallways. Just don’t let the snow-blindness get to you!

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Blacktric2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

God dam! It's awesome!

Keith Olbermann2852d ago

I played last in the mech suite and killed some fools. It was awesome!

Fred-G-Sanford2852d ago

Looking good.

Can anyone that is in the beta tell me if they have sorted out the ridiculous controller lag from the last game?

I really want to like this game, but if the retarded amount of lag is still there, I will pass on it.

ddurand12852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

the controller lag has been addressed multiple times already. and quite recently. you can easily look it up.

Fred-G-Sanford2852d ago

Yeah, but quite frankly, I've learned not to believe 90% of what people say about Sony exclusives.

There are still people to this very day who deny that Killzone 2 even had an issue with controller lag, so those same people will no doubt be blind to any issues with this game, as well.

I guess I will find out when I rent the game, but I would like a straight up, no BS answer to the question.

ddurand12852d ago

i cannot tell if you are serious or not, but the issue has been discussed multiple times.

Its also been addressed by Guerrilla Games.

Fred-G-Sanford2852d ago

Yes, I'm serious.

I'm not sure why you are telling me to "look it up" instead of just saying "yes, the controls have no lag" or "no, the controls have more lag than my granny's dial-up".

It's like pulling teeth around here. :D

ddurand12852d ago

I do not know the exact answer. I know it has been discussed. So, you can look it up if you want to find that answer.

its really easy...

Fred-G-Sanford2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

Oh, ok.

I thought you knew, but just weren't telling me. lol

edit: Oh, you are one of "them". lol

ddurand12852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

No, Fred, I havent paid much attention to the controller lag issue because i never thought it was an issue in KZ2

edit - there is some controller lag. But I did not think it was an issue. I never denied that it existed. There is a difference.

InTheKnow2852d ago

Killzone is looking good at the moment but I feel that Guerilla is letting the multi-player FPS genre pass them by. They need to get with what the competition is offering...mainly the 60 fps. This is gonna be tough to beat.

The last video has been viewed almost 7 million times...O_o

Killzone launches in Feb/ 2011...3 months away. I doubt anything you are seeing will change in that time.

dead_eye2852d ago

@ intheknow Fuck That shit. I really like cod but sorry killzone 2 blows them all away and now that the controls have been tweaked in killzone 3 it's even better.

thief2852d ago

Fred - I dont think anyone denies KZ2 had controller lag, weight, slow response, wahatever you want to call it. I think people disagree with you when you call it an "issue" because they liked the change in style. I personally didnt find it that difficult to adjust, used to play Resistance 2 and KZ2 alternately

And the consensus from those who have played it seems to be that GG have chosen a nice balance, less lag but still not Halo/CoD like floaty, run and gun

CoxMulder2852d ago

Once again a Killzone article gets hijacked by pathetic 360 fanboys..

N4G, today starring:

Fred-G-Sanford = the Troll
ddurand = the Enabler
CoxMulder = the Annoyed
the Mods = the Silent

ddurand12852d ago

@ cockgobbler

I dont own a 360. I do own a PS3 and plan to buy KZ3 though.

so go end yourself

CoxMulder2852d ago

Go back to school & learn to read fool, you're the enabler..

Go end yourself? Cockgobbler?

Wow, mind blown..

DaTruth2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

Enabler! As in, you enable him to continue trolling by constantly responding and re-responding to his trolling!

He asks you to tell him and states that he can't believe anyone who tells him. You tell him, look it up, which seems like a good idea since he can't trust anyone for a proper answer. Then he asks you why won't you just tell him and why should he look it up.

Obviously trolling!

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A Cupcake for Gabe2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

This level in Operations is so awesome. The cutscenes are amazing and it's like being in a wicked awesome scifi war movie.

@Fred Sanford
It was never ridiculous, but no the controls are tight. It is well adaptive for the COD, BFBC crowd too but remains a great Killzone feel seen no where else.

CoxMulder2852d ago

He wasn't honestly asking.. get a clue.

You think someone that posts things like:

"I don't need to travel to the future to know that the PSN is inferior to XBL in every way."

"Playing Black Ops on the PSN is like watching a Blu-ray on a black & white TV. Yuck."

& one of my personal favorites,

"The constant Sony worship and severe signs of hurtbutt in every positive 360 article is classic"

..Has a PS3, or is interested in Killzone3?

"Yes, I am very encouraged by GG's claim that they have "fixed" the controls for KZ3.

I'm going to rent the game first, though, just to be on the safe side."
12d ago by Fred-G-Sanford

Twelve days ago..
Successful troll = successful

A Cupcake for Gabe2852d ago

Just answering a question, "get a clue"?

Mark them as troll and move on. Don't research comment history and debate it rudely.

CoxMulder2852d ago

You're right, I'm in a bad mood.

But still, it takes a single click & 15 seconds to see if someone is sincerely derailing an entire thread or if he's fanboy.

Doesn't seem like much of an effort..

Fred-G-Sanford2852d ago

CoxMulder, you seem to be taking this video game stuff very seriously.

Might be time to read a book or do a little fishing. lol

The controls in Killzone 2 are legendary for being some of the worst in FPS history.
Whether I am trolling or not, that fact will never change.

If someone who has played the beta for KZ3 (that doesn't worship Sony's every move) can tell me if they fixed them, that would be nice and cool. :)

I will find out soon enough, regardless.

CoxMulder2851d ago

This isn't about videogames, this is about spreading lies & misinformation.

I can't stand lying pieces of shit like you, whether it's about Games, Movies, Sports, Books or whatever.. People like you need to be shown for who you are.

You know GG fixed the controls, you've known for weeks.

Give it a rest..

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DigitalAnalog2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

7:45. The guy fell off the bridge with realistic physics. OMG!

-End statement

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MGRogue20172852d ago

PS3's CELL Broadband Engine FTW!!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

The game cannot be done like that without the Cell.

And it's only Alpha Code, omg.

Dr-ZOOM2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )


raztad2852d ago

It is ALPHA. Cant wait to see the final build.

The Dam looks mindblowing. I think it is the varied color pallete, contrasting with the monotonous look of Corinth Highway.

BTW, Elite BOTS are tougher than Live Players. KZ3 SP on the hardest level is gonna be an act of masochism.

Pandamobile2852d ago

Gameplay and hit detection looks a lot tighter than Killzone 2.

raztad2852d ago


I enjoyed KZ2 but I'm not purist. I'm enjoying KZ3 even more. I want some tweaks here and there but I'm pretty happy overall.

thief2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

Simply unbelieveable - I have never seen a game look half as good. Looks like PS3 batch of 2011 is going to stamp over the 2010 exclusives, just like 2010 did to 2009 and 2009 to 2008. They must have an extra set of processors and RAM hidden away inside the PS3 which only Guerrila, Santa Monica and Polyphony are allowed to use.

pixelsword2852d ago

It's what the Lead Producer for Lair said: when everything's ran through the Cell and you have good algorithms, the RAM is plentiful for 1080p/60fps... although this isn't either, but still looks stunning.

talltony2852d ago

Sony freed up 70mb since killzone 2. Remember?

SuperStrokey11232852d ago

I cant wait to see the Jungle parts of the game they mentioned.

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