TGV Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1

The Blue Blur is back to his roots in this 2D adventure from Dimps. With a long trail of broken hearts after a lengthy list disappointing titles, can Dimps revive the familiar charm that the original games brought to gamers everywhere?

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borisfett2851d ago

Was horribly disappointed by the gane.

Sidology2851d ago

As was I, but like I said, I can only hope Episode 2 takes all these things into consideration and fixes the physics problems.

The game breaking thing is the physics.

Herminator2851d ago

Disappointing that Sega apparently can never get this right. =/

SoapShoes2850d ago

I find it funny how this game gets tons of positive reviews but in the few that are negative it has everyone saying how it was disappointing. Weird.

Sidology2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

I hardly consider a 6 a "positive" review. 6's barely make the cut in my eyes, which is why I scored it as such. Sonic 4 had a lot of good parts, but was sloppily executed.

Dimps missed the mark big time and I made sure to say as much.

Really, the number is arbitrary. The meat of the review is in the words.

Still, I would consider a 6 a pretty mediocre score and in no way being "positive."

Wikipedia says it's been receiving "mixed to positive" reviews. I would consider this falls in the "mixed" category.

Obviously, when people say it's "disappointing," those are the people that love Sonic games. The reviewers that scored this well are overlooking the technical problems of the game. Big time.