Xbox 360's Kinect Sales Spike Continues After Oprah Appearance

The good news keeps on flowing for Microsoft in advance of the Kinect launch on November 4. The appearance on Oprah definitely seems to be doing the trick. The Queen of media gave away the motion camera with an Xbox console to her audience members (screaming middle-aged women) and the resulting buzz has apparently carried over to

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Ivan Drago IV2821d ago ShowReplies(6)
panasonic232821d ago

Jesus was about to return to Earth and canceled.

-Alpha2821d ago

I was going to say something to top that, but then I canceled

Persistantthug2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I canceled the cancellation.

darthv722821d ago

My wife and i were talking about her this morning. Pretty much anything she demos on her show goes gold. Especially if it is given away free to the audience.

Although...come to think of it...the car she gave away didnt really tear up the automobile industry.
Other stuff though, makeup, all gets a nice sales boost from the big O

Lifendz2821d ago

MS playing it smart as always when it comes to advertising. I guess they're not really pushing this on the channels I watch because they're marketing to the demographic most likely to be interested in Kinect.

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Imperator2821d ago

I don't understand. Sales can't increase if the Product is not yet out. Per-Orders can increase, but then again, it's so easy to pre-order stuff on Amazon and cancel whenever you feel like it, so what's the point?

gamingdroid2821d ago

but it indicates shopping intent! If you are willing to pre-order it, give your credit card number and risk that you might forget to cancel.

Besides actual sales tend to be significantly higher than actual pre-order numbers.

I have never heard anyone ever look at high pre-order numbers as something negative. The only way to interpret it is positive, unless of course you are a fanboy trying to spin things!!!

dtrain212821d ago

I pre ordered 2 Kinect bundles

falviousuk2821d ago

I pre-ordered Ivan Drago IV then cancelled after realising what a troll he was. I dont do trolls

ARBitrator2821d ago

I pre-ordered the Ivan Drago IV also but when I found out that only one other person pre-ordered it I figured it sucked so I cancelled my preorder

Christopher2821d ago

Microsoft knows marketing.

TheColbertinator2821d ago

Yes they do.That's why Microsoft cancelled hardcore games

-Alpha2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Yeah, it's incredible, really.

Their Fable 3 ad was also real great.

They do great ads for their other games too. Granted, it's nowhere near the actual game, but it's so well done.

I like KB ads, but I wish that games like God of War and GT5 get their own special ads. I really wanted to see a modified version of the God of War 3 trailer used as the ad. Those kind of epic ads can really make you feel a variety of emotions. I felt it with the Gears ad, Fable ad, and Reach ad, MS has the science nailed down.

MorganX2821d ago

They'd better be careful what they ask for. If there's a major glitch in Kinect, it will be a PR disaster. Because they went balls out and went on Oprah, if it bombs, Oprah will have to apologize to her audience.

Sales will be great, but if it bombs, they will realize that Oprah is on a different level. If she has to apologize for helping promote Kinect, the platform may never recover.

That's worst case scenario but very real possibility. The millions of people buying these things thanks to Oprah exposure, are not gamers used to glitches and bugs and waiting for patches.

This is definitely a gamble, the technology better hold up and perform as advertised or the 90-days following Christmas/New Year's will be hell on Earth for Microsoft and Xbox 360. It will make RROD fiasco look like a pimple.

hoops2821d ago

What responsibility does she have to MS and Kinect? None.
She won't have to say didley about Kinect success or failure.
You are looking into this WAY too much

MorganX2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

It's not about her responsibility to MS/Kinect. It's the credibility of her show and influence. Just as she had to apologize for hawking a book in which the authored lied, she will have to respond to a Kinect failure. Without a doubt. Or, her marketing power will suffer. Her wor(d) will no longer be gold. Her influence is based on the fact that those hundreds of millions of viewers trust her word.

Whether she apologizes, or convinces viewers to stick with it until its fixed. She will have to respond. Again, that's worst case, if it is a major failure/glitch.

hoops2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Dude you are looking way too much into this.
And if you think if Kinect fails (which it wont most likely) her word will be mush based on a game system? OBVIOSULY you have no idea how powerful Oprah is in the Entertainment world.

If her Orphanage/school overseas survived massive critisims with massive allegations of sexual and child abuse and her settled lawsuit from one of her former employees lamblasting her as an evil dictator that hit the main pages of every tabloid rag did not ruin her, how in the name of the devil can you think for one moment that a little game system add on, if failed will be worse than those senerios? LOL Her reputation is still top shelf in the media and viewers after those recent fubars.

**she will have to apologize for the failure**

LOL Best line I heard all year. LOL

I know this is N4G.COM and there are many 12 year olds on this site that are lemmings, but please spare us that drivel that a game system add on could be the demise of one of entertainments biggest entities, or have her APOLOGIZE for a product she does not have stake investment in if it fails. LOL
FYI: She barely got scathed with very serious allegations against her charecter and organization. You think this will do anything to her if Kinect fails?
In the immortal words of Tennis Great John McEnroe: You can't be serious?

Dude. Like I said. You are looking WAY too much into this.
Maybe your desire to see this thing fail is getting the best of you based on your history of posting in Kinect threads.
Take some advice. You like I and everyone else on this site have no invested shares or ownership of Sony or MS or Nintendo to care one bit. Just enjoy the system or systems you own and game.

Mustang300C20122821d ago

This is the final year of Oprah and you think she is concerned about her credibility after 20 years on the air because of Kinect? WTF is wrong with some of you dimwits.

DMason2821d ago

Morgan, you sound like a nut. Kinect will not make or break Oprah's empire, or her marketing credibility. She will not have to apologize for anything if Kinect were to theoretically fail. It's not like she spent a whole episode on the device, touting it as the next coming of Jesus Christ.

Settle down, you're looking way to deeply into this.

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DigitalAnalog2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

"Xbox 360's Kinect Sales Spike Continues After Oprah Appearance"

When you give a free 360 along with Kinect to your audience, do you think that would NOT be added to the sales tally?

-End statement

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