PlayStation Home Update - Europe - 28th October 2010

This week in the European PlayStation Home, Halloween has landed with a host of new updates to get you in the mood for some haunting.

Heavy Water bring their Halloween Heavy Pet collection, with a choice of bats, ghosts or skulls to set loose flying around your apartment. nDreams are releasing a selection of Halloween content, including the floating Black Robe costume.
Lockwood are releasing the black rose, for those with a romance with horror and CodeGlue have a guillotine for sale, so watch out for that blade while dragging that back to your apartment!

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velocitygamer2970d ago

But Playstation Home was a fail. All you find now is emo's and people who sexually harass you. And this is coming from a major playstation fanboy. It felt like they just stopped supporting it ever since the beginning of 2010. Maybe it could be a useful feature in the PS4, but in the PS3, not so much.

Zeevious2970d ago

Home is always busy, and they have a huge event schedule, exclusives, rewards, and special game-themed nights. It's a great place to meet other gamers and jump into a game.

Emo's - Hey everyone can be anything they want, but sexual harassment?
What are we in Home Beta .92?
The report function has been made easier than ever to use, and a Community Volunteers program was even started to make the whole experience even better.

I don't know which home your talking about, but it's not the one I've seen.

Nobody stopped supporting Home since's just gotten better!

velocitygamer2970d ago

But you got to remember that this is coming from my experience. Just because we both might have the same console, doesn't mean we both we share the same experience. I have experienced people getting sexually harassed. Just because there is a report system, doesn't stop people from doing what they want. It just decreases it.

Zeevious2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

You made statements about the entire service "all you find now is..." "Home was a fail" "felt like they stopped supporting it..."

Please express your opinion, and I'll express mine...Try again.

Home always has something going on...more than 'Emo's' and sexual harassment...try everything I've experienced and more. If anything in 2010 support increased with the volunteer program, several updates to improve the client and so many places to visit, it's really become it's own 'home' for a very different gaming experience.

Sorry to hear you had a bad time, but there are millions who haven't.
Give it another try and if you truly see someone sexually harassing someone, report them or join the community volunteers and help out...don't just dismiss the whole service and tell everyone it's 'a fail' when for both Sony and millions of Gamers it absolutely is not.