My Gamerscore Is 1,650 And I've Never Felt Better

GI: A few months ago, my original Xbox 360 bit the dust, finally succumbing to the dreaded red ring of death. I decided to upgrade to the supposedly better-engineered Elite model. While I was unboxing the new system, I did something that most 360 gamers would find unthinkable. Instead of importing my old Gamertag and Xbox Live account, I got a new 12-month subscription card, booted up the system, and started over from scratch. In a moment, all my gaming history from the last few years was gone, along with my Gamerscore and all of my achievements.

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gillri2820d ago

I stopped caring about Gamerscore a few months ago and never looked back, its just a waste of your life, I just found hunting for achievement annoying and frustrating and in alot of Single player cases can ruin the immersion of a game

hell I havent even looked at my trophies whatsoever on PS3, and I hope I never have to

Raf1k12820d ago

I'm with you on that. I don't care about gamerscore, trophies or the achievements in WoW (except those that actually give you something). You get some people who bash MMOs saying they're just grind fests when they themselves are more than happy to grind for achievements and trophies.

PS360fanboy2819d ago

I can't help but trying to get the maximum achievements for the games I own. Only have a perfect gamerscore in two of them though. And I don't buy games solely for them.

tinybigman2819d ago

In 5 yrs my score is just a bit over 10k on the 360, while im lvl 12 and just under 1100 trophies, and I only have 3 platinum trophies

trainsinrdr2820d ago

ive been trying to recover for a while currently have 1261 trophies 18 of those are platinums and im ashamed of myself lol

N4GAddict2820d ago

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem

N4GAddict2820d ago

Achievements and trophies are overrated

256bit2820d ago

i dont see the big deal with these achievements and trophys i mean do you guys really need em.

Jdoki2820d ago

I don't need trophies or achievements. The score/rewards are pretty much meaningless.

However in some cases they are cool. For example, in the original Crackdown I played that game waaaay longer than I normally would because the achievements were interesting and fun.

I like achievements/trophies that make me think about playing the game differently or set a specific challenge that makes me go the extra mile in the game.

I hate achievements/trophies that just ding for no reason other than playing the game normally i.e. 'You have completed the tutorial'

edhe2819d ago

Don't need them - can appreciate them. I do have 40k+ gamerscore and i used to grind cheevs but gave up on that a while back... except for some (Reach.. if they came to see me beg...)

What delighted me recently, however, was catching a 'nade in bioshock2 with telekenesis and hitting the guy that threw it at me and getting the recognition that it was cool.

Cheevs are for fun - when done right. attaching meaning to them beyond that is silly. However i do admit that my current avatar here is a picture of an achievement which i happen to like the energy in.

Cheev itself was pants but the picture's cool :)

Ronster3162820d ago

I'm in way too deep now, and aside from achievements to unlock theres also avatar awards these days too. (some of which are actually cool, things like Duke Nukems jetpack or the L4D t-shirts)

I completely respect your decision to start a new profile, at times achievement hunting really annoys me too, but at the end of the day i have been hunting them for almost 4 years now and despite getting annoyed at times i still get a buzz when i 1000 a game.

Of course there is one problem for me......... going back to games that i either really did not enjoy all that much, or having to grind out achievements on games like Forza 2, Condemned, Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix ect.

It truly can be a love/hate relationship going for achievements, but having come this far, and having just broke 140,000 GS, i suspect that my achievement hunting days will continue for a long time yet :-/

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The story is too old to be commented.