Virgin Media confirms 100Mb/s broadband

Virgin Media has confirmed that it will roll out 100Mb/s broadband this week – doubling the speed of its top level package and claiming that over 12.7 million homes will be able to get the service.

Prime Minister David Cameron spoke about the 100Mb/s service earlier in the week – as you may have read on TechRadar – and the cable giant has now officially announced the news, and confirmed that it will go on sale in December.

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FAGOL2738d ago

35quid! That's mad. I would spend a maximum of £20 p/m for internet. I'm with O2 at the moment and getting 11mb speeds for 7.50 p/m. Virgin needs to lower the price.

Dark_Overlord2737d ago

but, you have to pay for line rental from BT, whereas if you have Virgins services down their FIOS, you don't :)

mushroomwig2737d ago

It makes me sick, the area I live can't get Virgin Media so now I'm stuck with at best...2Mb/s for until they install the equipment needed. -__-

KratosGirI2737d ago

We're forced to pay an estimate of £50 a month for a 2Mbps connection with a 20GB download cap where I'm from. Consider yourself very lucky.

user13372737d ago

Lots of people from the GT forums I see.

who the hell are you with (provider)???
I've got VM, but I'm sticking with the 10Mb service. Hasn't let me down yet and I get the full cant really complain.

KratosGirI2737d ago

Keep in mind that I'm not from the UK. When I said "where I'm from", I meant Bahrain. I'm with an ISP called Batelco and it's pretty much the only ISP with a stable connection in the country. We also have 4 or 5 other ISPs, but the prices are very similar.

Sucks butt, really...

MK24ever2737d ago

Is the title right? I mean, I'm from Portugal, a small country not rich at all and we have final consumer speeds of 1Gb/s...

mushroomwig2737d ago

You have download speeds of 1Gb/s? I don't believe that. =/ Please, show me something to back that up since I am too tired to use Google.

moe842737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Yeah, there are several companies offering 1gb connections. It's not cheap and relatively new.

Don't expect something like this to hit the US anytime soon though(if you live here). With a national average of around 19mb/s and the number of rural populations..... we're going to be 10 years or more before we see mainstream speeds like that of Europe and Asia. Sure, some business, schools and universities have really fast speeds. But it's too limited and usually not available for the public(with out paying a ridiculous price tag).

jjmustoe2737d ago

in the uk we have speeds of 50mb/s

MK24ever2737d ago

I got 5 Disagrees because I didn't lied? N4G is fantastic...

moe842737d ago

Welcome to the anonymous internet. Just for making a post about how many disagrees you have, you'll get even more.

Enjoy N4G

KillerPwned2737d ago

Who needs speeds this fast?

Fox012737d ago

Me too. I have 50Mbs at the moment but I would pay more for faster speed.

The Wood2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

dee vee dees

thas who

skip2mylou2737d ago

meeeeee i only get 10mb/s

Thecraft19892737d ago

I would love this iam with 02 and get 7.5meg for £7.50 so have an almost 13.5 * speed increase for £35 seems cheap to me and would be willing to pay more. and would pay for this In whole I think I prefer this to having sky too. Just hope my area will get fiber soon.

silvacrest2737d ago

if your sharing your connection with multiple people then you certainly need this

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ExitToExisT2737d ago

i download 100kb per sec.....

Iramo2737d ago

anyone who approved this or liked this hasn't had sex freaks.god i hate weird puritans ,just kidding guys .good for virgin mobile hope their customers like it,also virgin media costumers are gay virgins just kidding again.and for everyone who thinks its immature its a joke so please don't take away a bub

mushroomwig2737d ago

If you don't want your bubbles to be taken away then grow up a little and think before you type.

Iramo2737d ago

I sure called it didn't I it was a joke and i said i was kidding so no need for adult route

poindat2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Hey guess what? "Immature" is one of the options available to take bubbles away. Hey guess what else? I just used it.

Maybe try coming back when you make it past 10 years old.

zerolinkgannon2737d ago

lmao that was funny as hell! ^.^

Iramo2737d ago

You sure got me. I respect your opinion about my joke but you stooped so low as to making false assumptions about my age.
Try coming back when your a little less erious and a bit more loose

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