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Modded Black Ops themed PS3 Slim is pure awesomeness

Gamersmint: Apparently Call of Duty Black Ops has created a rage among the fans, so much so that they are down to modding their PS3s in anticipation of the game’s release on 09/11/10.

Read on to find out what exactly was done to the console to transform it into such a looker (Call of Duty: Black Ops, PS3)

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prongs123  +   1589d ago
holy shit
i want this modded PS3 :O so bad. LEDs reacting to my bazooka blasts gives a whole new experience of gaming in a dark room :D :D.
cyborg  +   1589d ago
bubbles for you
what he said
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1589d ago
yep, looks nice
Corepred4  +   1589d ago
they look really cool and all. but what happens when black ops gets old or say cod 7 and 8 come out. i wonder if they are content with having an old game's ps3 mod still.
Call_me_Ishmael  +   1589d ago
this is awesome but i think i like this one better

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BubbleSystemSuck  +   1589d ago
yeah... i like more MY MOD.... lol
Nineball2112  +   1589d ago
Is that Jean Girard talking in that video?

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Unbornkirkster19  +   1589d ago
"if you aint first your last"
PS360PCROCKS  +   1589d ago
Should of done a good game like God of war III
cygnuszero2  +   1589d ago
Please no more generic shooters, and certainly no consoles modded for them!
Dark-Cloud  +   1589d ago
it looks good but i prefer to buy GT5 themed because it looks amazing :D ...
Mafia2200  +   1589d ago
ohdavey  +   1589d ago
Looks good. He can probably turn it around and sell it on Ebay for a nice profit. :)

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