Dynasty Warriors 7 details emerge, launches in Europe March 2011

On October 25th Tecmo KOEI held a press conference in Japan for the latest addition to the Dynasty Warriors franchise. Those expecting a radical departure from the roots of the series will be disappointed, though Dynasty Warriors 7 is implementing several new features which are sure to appease fans after a somewhat lacklustre sixth instalment.

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gamekudos2793d ago

It has yet to be announced. With Dynasty Warriors Online coming out soonish, I think will pass.

Andreas-Sword2792d ago

I think, there will be also an online coop mode.

Colossal_Red2793d ago

Finally some good news. Dynasty Warriors 6 was a huge let-down for me with DW6E only making it a little easier to swallow. Can't wait to get hands-on with the Jin Kingdom.

scar202793d ago

Any news on north america release?

fungmi2792d ago

I don't know if honestly care ... more the same ... snooze

NovusTerminus2791d ago

I have played every DW game... Even the fighting game for the PS1.

I am happy with what they are doing... But would like to know something more about PS Move support.

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