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Ralph Koster, in his seminal work, A Theory Of Fun For Game Design, says that “Fun from games arises out of mastery.” Nowhere is this truer, in my humble opinion, than in the rhythm game genre. From RockBand to Guitar Hero, the joy, the fun, comes from mastering the mechanics at a high enough level that the plastic instruments disappear and the player becomes one with the music. This happens in real musical performance, as well, but the video game genre has brought this zen-like “in-the-groove” feel to many more people and players than either could or felt they could pick up a honest to God real instrument like a guitar, bass, or drumset.

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starven2826d ago

I can't wait to pick this game up this weekend. I really liked the first one. So underrated.

bgrundman2826d ago

Wow... I am shocked it was that solid because the hype has been much lower for this one.

roblef2826d ago

Seriously, it's a great game -- totally unprepared for it, myself.

Davedough2826d ago

This game made me realize that I have no place being a DJ. Great title though.

Mamajuana2826d ago

This game has been getting solid reviews, my brother was thinking about getting it, I should convince