AlienBEware Episode V: The Wallet Strikes Back

Back in August I set out to build a decent PC gaming rig without breaking the bank. I wanted to show how much money can be saved when purchasing all the parts separately and assembling it yourself.

Since the PC is now built, I figured I’d follow the last post up with some performance benchmarks and updates on the changes made (notably the price). It has pretty much remained the same apart from the graphics card and a few minor changes. But the few minor changes have saved even more money.

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Saryk2846d ago

I like the guy’s idea behind building it yourself. But versus Alienware, I could give my 9 year old a credit card and let him order and build a new PC and it would be cheaper than a Alienware PC.

CombineElite2845d ago

Alienware and IBuyPower are so darn expensive. They have their uses though as they allow those who are not sure about building a PC themselves get high powered machines with one credit card swipe and a kidney donation.

Half the fun is building it yourself kinda like tuning a mustang or an import.