God of War: Ghost of Sparta Review (

While you might think that the life of an Olympian god is a pretty plum assignment, we’ve learned over the course of the God of War series that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Series protagonist Kratos has been deceived, used, and generally abused by petty gods and titans, ultimately driving him to the brink of madness and sending him into a hate-fueled rage to destroy all those who toy with the lives of mortals. Ghost of Sparta, the latest entry into the series and Ready at Dawn’s second God of War PSP title, attempts to show players how Kratos started down the path of madness. The result is an impressive title that breathes new life into the PSP, but in a few respects it falls short of its console brethren.

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starven2677d ago

Was there any doubt this was going to be good?

crunchychocobo2677d ago

Dammit, now I'm becoming even more interested in playing the GoW series.

bgrundman2677d ago

God, I want this game so hard.

roblef2677d ago

The first GoW on PSP was so damn good. I'm glad this one doesn't suck too hard. The storyline has always been lame, really.

Davedough2677d ago

I've always enjoyed the GoW series, even on the PSP. Its too bad that Ready At Dawn isn't going to make any more due to PSP piracy.