20+ Minutes of Exclusive Killzone 3 Beta Footage

"The Killzone 3 beta officially kicked off to the public October 25th and Sony has provided Nick from with the opportunity to bring the Killzone 3 content to you. Here is 20+ minutes of raw unedited Killzone 3 footage."

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Nick2120042821d ago

I am absolutely loving the Killzone 3 beta! It looks slightly better than Killzone 2 in alpha code and compressed. Controls are much smoother as well!

Sanii2821d ago

Well you would expect a beta to look better than an alpha build now wouldn't you?

Nick2120042821d ago

You didn't understand what I said. What I am saying is that the Killzone 3 beta is in its alpha stage and compressed and still is up to par with Killzone 2.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

No thanks... I have the beta. lol ;)


We're talking about a MP looking better than KZ2 SP. That's a hell of a feat. I can only imagine what KZ3's SP is going to look like....holy balls! lol

TheGameFoxJTV2821d ago

Looks too much like a CoD game for me. I'll pass, KZ2 was amazing, this looks like another generic shooter to me. Pretty, but still generic.

PshycoNinja2821d ago

but you are wrong. I have been in the beta and its more Killzone than KZ2 was. Feels and plays nothing like COD.

Dee_912821d ago

i actually had to try lol
the board was small but it is so fun
i cant for the full game
it takes way more skill to play on here
and the controls are alot faster
it took me awhile to adapt

Duki2Lime2821d ago

The infiltrator classes is really annoying, especially when everyone on the other team is using it :(

despair2821d ago

thats what tacticians are for.

writersblock2821d ago

The guy playing sucks so much that this isnt even fun to watch

TheObserver2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

20 minutes of some one sucking horribly... Respawn, Re-fail, Rinse, Repeat.

He keep sprinting into enemies while they have the trigger ready...

Edit: Oh I get it, it is the COD disease. COD players usually run around at full sprint then should their weapon super fast. Hahaha.

Rezka2821d ago

apparently he have been playing too much mw2 go back to mw 2 where all the casual players belong Kz3 is for players who think before running around like an idiot

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