Variety's Metroid Corruption review highlights message conflict

The Variety review of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption just goes to show the ramifications Nintendo's message that the Wii is a casual system can cause a title like Metroid. Just forget the debate if Nintendo abandoned hardcore gamers, or gamers abandoned Nintendo, for just a little bit. Like when went over in Joystiq podcast #14, whoever did what to whom, the two are currently experiencing what professionals might call "marital issues." The thing this review by Variety showed is that a mainstream publication notices something wrong with a non-casual title on a perceived casual system.

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Longcry3917d ago

Metroid Corruption is an awesome game.


WilliamRLBaker3917d ago

First off in reply to above
Hao3=Mp3 both are amazing games and i own mp3 and will own halo 3.

2nd basically the article says that the wii is built upon casuals *BS* its built on casuals and hard core nintendo fans.
And that because the Wii is a casual system. a game like MP3 which isn't a casual game *because we all know that casuals cant think beyond 5 minute gameplay...ect* that it wont sell worth any thing on that system....Which is just retarded because like I said the Wii is built upon more then casuals its built upon the rabbid droves of hardcore nintendo fans.

Whom will buy that game, And the people that loved the metroid games, As for narative? lol they must not have played mp1 and 2 both had an amazing story line with a great narative.

alaaji3917d ago

That's the correct answer! I agree with William and might I add that even if Nintendo never marketed their console to casual gamers, it would of still sold to the core gamers. There are people out there who will only buy one console each generation and Nintendo has plenty of those faithful.

LKane3917d ago

For anybody who is vaguely familiar with video games, one would know that many video game bosses involved weak points and patterns, which DO require dedication, patience, and sometimes proper technique. Go back and look at most (if not all) bosses for Star Fox for SNES. Or look at Bowser for Super Mario World. Same goes with many Zelda bosses. Many of them involve getting the pattern down and then strike them at the weakest point at the right moment. This is much the same. That's the essence of many video games.

Ok, let's say someone who has never played video games AT all before is playing. Will it be too hard to figure out? Maybe. My mom has virtually no skills at video games, and I can't even imagine her docking to the ship at the beginning. But the thing is, she wouldn't really go out and playing video games.

Many other reviewers already mentioned that this game's bosses are easier than the previous metroid primes. That's already catering to the so called "casual gamers". I can imagine that if they lower the difficulty any more, it would be insulting to "hardcore gamer's" intelligence.

After hearing reviews saying that it's easier than previous games, I started my first play at veteran level (as opposed to normal or whatever the easiest one is). It gave me just enough challenge, sometimes leaning towards the difficult side. Too many games now are too easy (Zelda Twilight Princess comes to mind). This offers a good challenge (so far), which is great. I have yet to reach the later bosses tho, which may give me a hard time :\

Doesn't the game already has a hint system that tells you where to go? Dude you don't need someone holding your hand all the time.

If you have no dedication, patience, or a mind to figure out puzzles and strategies to beat bosses, I don't think you should really be playing video games at all. Well, you can play, but don't expect to win.

Well it's ok. The author was just stating his opinion, and there's nothing wrong with that. Just a so-so review tho. Next you'll see this guy comparing Zelda with God of War and saying that Zelda is slow and tedius and too difficult to figure out.

I won't say whether Halo 3 or Metroid Prime 3 is better. I think they're both great games.

firstworldman3917d ago

I don't know if it's that people can't figure out puzzles or strategies, or if it's that people don't want to.
I think it's more of just how those puzzles and strategies are being presented to the casual gamer, but like I said below there is still a split among those two markets. Casual VS Gamers. This same split used to be Gamer VS Non-Gamer.
Nintendo is coming after everyone's free time, and the casual market will soon begin to meld into the gaming market. Expect a Paradigm Shift in 2008.

firstworldman3917d ago

This just goes to show the gap that Nintendo is trying to bring closer.
People who don't play video games still view anything that is like a video game with confusion. Nintendo's created this new casual market, and the casual market still hates games. It's as if the market hasn't realized that they've been playing video games.
Now, I don't know how right this whole article is. It seems pretty nonobjective, like most of the other things on their site. And, frankly, I've never heard of Variety–call me blind, deaf, and dumb.
Now, do I think some of the people in the casual market picked up Metroid? Yes. And those people are the ones that Nintendo has already begun to grab onto for now. What about the others that haven't picked it up? Well, there is always a new franchise or third-party titles.
It makes me wonder how many people that aren't video game fans are going to pick up Mario Galaxy. Those numbers will most likely be high in the casual market.
But, then again who cares. Articles like this one are based on pure speculation. bleh.

brodels3917d ago

Wii may not be perceived as a hardcore game system to the casual crowd, but definitely true gamers who bought the system will know what hardcore titles Wii is good for - Zelda, Metroid, Paper Mario, RE4 have all been released, and other "hardcore" games are yet to come... Obviously, the Wii is appealing to the casual gaming market, and is growing that market tremendously, but even if the Wii didn't do that and MP3 came out on a Wii that targeted the same audience as PS3 and Xbox360, it wouldn't be selling any better, it would probably sell worse. Casual gamers may be using the Wii as a "gateway" console to move on to bigger and better things, and getting MP3 for the system is a great way to explore deeper gaming interests.

Right now, Nintendo's definitely keeping their true long-time Nintendo fans with that great price point, Virtual Console, and the continuation of classic Nintendo IPs like Mario and Zelda. The Wii is also appealing to all the new casual gamers, as well as those rich suburban 13 year olds due to all of its hype. I don't really see how these consumers will be confused by the fact that MP3 is getting released on the Wii. It's a Nintendo game, people understand that. Wii consumers aren't necessarily associating the word "casual" with Nintendo, because they know what Mario and Zelda are, and have played Super Mario World and Mario Kart... so I really don't see what the big deal is that this guy is getting it.

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