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Dragun6192699d ago

"Yes, we’re starting off in U.S. only, but are looking into rolling out to Canada."

The program is still in the Beta Phase, Maybe they'll expand it to Canada soon after they open it to everyone.

DufferO82699d ago

well hopfully the full feature will be out in EU

soundslike2699d ago

us fat ass spoiled oil rich arrogant americans are beta testing for you, be grateful. :D

King-Leonidas2699d ago

what is this actually? Sorry, i haven´t been folowing N4G for a while.

Quagmire2699d ago

Well, as the name suggests this site is called N4G, which is an acronym for News 4 Gamers, where various gaming-related news and articles and a never ending outpour of Top 10 lists and "Whenz da GT5 iz coming teh outz in storezz soonzz!?" opinion articles follows...

phantomexe2699d ago

frist that i have ever heard of this. > >

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2699d ago
NBT912699d ago

Why? I don't even... Ugh screw it, i'm used to it by now lol

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The story is too old to be commented.