Media Create software sales (10/18 - 10/24)

First week sales in Japan have been revealed for Vanquish (PS3 vs. 360), Medal of Honor (PS3 vs. 360), Move games, Super Mario Collection: Special Pack and more.

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anh_duong2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

five ps3 titles in top ten - has this ever happened before?

also 10 in the top 20...

gamer81792701d ago

It happened alot, in Japan.

CellularDivinization2701d ago

They are multiplatform, I hope you dont mind....

room4142701d ago

actually 4 of the ten games are being in the top ten...not really sure why it matters though

Seferoth752701d ago

No not really. Nintendo still owns Japan but of course all those hurt fanboys that did not care about sales suddenly change their tune and act like it has been that way for years when Sony is doing good.

If Time Crisis had launched in Japan with those numbers we would have all kinds of articles about how it proves 3rd party games do not sale on Wii but I am sure the Sony fanboys will have some complete legit reason for why this bombed or just act like 12k is a hit while Wii games that got more are still bombs.

LoydX-mas2701d ago

2 xbox games in the top 20!!! Stop the presses!

LoydX-mas2701d ago

why do people dissagree? It's a joke.