8 Things Sony's 'Fake' PlayStation Phone Might Do

After applying the usual grueling tenets of contemporary journalistic skepticism, i.e. "Hey, someone posted a bunch of non-blurry pics!" Engadget pronounced it the real deal.

What does PC World know (or at least think they do) about the purported device?

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Stealth20k2852d ago

psp 2: hd screen, bigger device, physical medium, insanely powerful, touch pad on back of the device, dual analog.

sony ericson phone: not hd screen, dd only, as powerful as the psp maybe less, touch strip on front only

WinterWolf2852d ago

I'd rather have this that what you describe as a "PSP2" I don't need to have a bigger HD screen, that's what PS3 is for, PSP is for portability. I don't need a giant screen I can't fit in my pocket. And I don't want to carry all my games around neither, so UMD (which is a failing media anyway) is not necessary for me. So this phone looks pretty good to me...

Stealth20k2852d ago

It might not use umds it might use something else for a physical media

and I have a phone so this is looking pretty bad right now

The dedicated gaming device will be better considering the graphical improvement.

Besides the phone isnt even playstation branded nor has it anything to do with playstation. Its a sony ericson thing

tacosRcool2852d ago

I would rather have a PSP2

darthv722852d ago

a psp go. In fact, I have a white one with skype on it. Does that mean i have a playstation phone too?

WinterWolf2852d ago

Ok, I think you are missing the point.

The PSPGo was Sony's first attempt at making a portable game console that was purely digital. iPhone and iTouch are already are successful without a physical media. It is only logical that in an effort to cut production cost and size (because we don't need a bulky PSP) they would offer this device.

Guess what, I have a phone too. And I have a PSP. I carry my phone everywhere with me. My PSP sits in a drawer at home collecting dust most of the time. I am sure I would play my PSP more often if it were always with me, but why would I want to carry 2 devices with me. Have you ever wondered why so many phones today have a built in camera? Hmmm...I wonder...

The "graphical improvement" is there. Didn't you read the article. 512MB of memory is like PS3 or 360. We have no idea what this thing is capable of it, don't discredit it because it runs android and can make calls. The potential is there. A device having more functions is no excuse for a device to function poorly in any feature. It all depends on how resources are allocated and harnessed.

And finally, this is a prototype. Don't expect it to have all the decals, and details that you would expect to see on a PSP. It is what it is: A gaming device from Sony.

RageAgainstTheMShine2852d ago

its powered by Android 3.0 like the Samsung Galaxy S

and you guys know what this means regarding HD resolution, interface, video, and video games.

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silvacrest2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

if you dont no what your talking about do the following, google it, ask someone or say nothing at all

the current PSP has a 333 mhz CPU and only has 64mb RAM while the PSP phone has a 1 GHZ CPU with 512 ram

this device is far FAR more powerful then the current PSP

this could have a OLED/AMOLED/Super AMOLED or super LCD screen, we dont no yet although sony are more inclined to use super LCD

3.7 to 4.1 inch is big enough for most people, remember this is supposed to be portable, DD will work as long as sony support it, no one knows how well the touch strip works so lets not call it a negative yet

Fishy Fingers2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

I thought they'd go beyond whats already known (potential applications for the hardware etc). This is Engadgets info cut into 8 sections. Pointless.

TroyAndAbed2852d ago

Did anyone think that maybe...

...just maybe...

...those holes are for joysticks?

duplissi2852d ago

theyre not holes, they are virtual joysticks, like whats found on the sony google tv remotes.

Fishy Fingers2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

No, they're virtual thumb sticks. It's a slide out design, there for traditional thumb sticks wouldn't work. That's why the D-Pad and buttons are sunk in slightly. This also allow for a larger track pad.

TroyAndAbed2852d ago

The PSP Go had a thumbstick...

silvacrest2852d ago

maybe this virtual thumb stick works well enough that a PSP GO style numb stick was not needed

i really want to try it out for my self to be honest

mrmcygan2852d ago

If the PlayStation Phone is real then i hope it has a super amoled screen.

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