Introducing PlayStation Rewards – A New Way to Earn Exclusive Status and Recognition

PS Today, we’re excited to share news of the launch of PlayStation Rewards, a new program that recognizes and rewards our users for simply doing what they love – playing games and interacting with the entertainment content that PlayStation has to offer. We really wanted to create something that says, “thank you” for being a loyal PlayStation fan.

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movements2854d ago

It only does rewards. Brilliant.

nix2854d ago

oh ok.. why not use the trophy stats? oh well..

Scarfy2854d ago

Rewarding trophy stats would be great.

It would be cool to be able to "cash in" the value of your currently earned trophies and use them to download reward content. Then there would finally be a real reason for trophy whoring.

Christopher2854d ago

Because then it would just become a trophy whoring contest where people would have multiple people play just to inflate their trophy score. It also wouldn't mean anything if you rented all your games instead of buying them.

I'm going to assume this is for people who 'promote' the PlayStation brand by buying and playing games, not just playing games they don't own. Likely will involve registering games you own on a site or similar.

Christopher2854d ago

To put it another way:

Player A owns 90 PS3 games that he bought new and has a trophy score of 9.

Player B owns 30 PS3 games that he bought new and has a trophy score of 14.

Which one, in the eyes of Sony, is a bigger brand supporter?

lodossrage2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

I totally agree. Like I said in my post before, it's not realistic to do due to trophy hacking

And YOUR reason is even more valid than mine was. People will literally go rent crazy and borrow from friends rather than buy games just to get their trophy stats up to get the free goods.

BulletProofVess2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

instead of just racking up a huge gamer-score for nothing...

there going to reward you for playing and purchasing content from the playstation store
edit: even taking playstation surveys rewards you

one more nail in the coffin for xbl

-Alpha2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

This is a great system and exactly what I was hoping for to make PSN feel more socially connected in gaming. I love the idea of having different statuses etc


Is that necessary? XBL has actually had a ton of sweepstakes, a "Status" system, etc. already.

Additionally this has nothing to do with gamerscore, why attack it?

The Reward System is cool, but is it going to reward members better than Plus members? Is this "Plus Lite" for regular users? Do you have to be a Plus member?

I hope that they eventually allow us to use custom avatars from Home or the internet. I want a Dexter avatar eventually

Red_Orange_Juice2854d ago

Trophies should unlock certain think like skins, themes, weapons, making it a currency is not a good idea.

xxxprettiboyxxx2854d ago

idk i agree with bulletproof

playstation is continuing to provide users free of cost with more and more value

ive been on xbox live for years and only recived one thing from that christmas xbox live outage

paying hundreds of dollars over the years for access to online multiplayer and the netflix i already pay for is a joke in comparison with the free psn

at least plus users get beta and exclusive content at the same cost as xboxlive online access

DigitalAnalog2854d ago

If by going with Trophy stats, then Sony has to look deep into WHAT types of games being played (exclusives should be a top priority) along with silver/gold trophies. This way, you don't have to "whore" out the trophy system because really, what better way to support SONY then by playing it's exclusives?

When it comes to reward PS3 users with games, then they should consider the difficulty/genre/niche, niche being the highest followed by difficulty then genre. This is because many of the PS3 owners fall under that category so games like Demon's Soul trophies would be of a very VERY high priority for rewards due to it's punishing gameplay and not something that can easily be "tropied" out casually.

-End statement

DelbertGrady2853d ago

I always expected MS to do something with their achievement points, such as giving away XBLA games, themes or avatar awards. Nothing ever happened.

This sounds very cool though. Sony got there first.

moparful992852d ago

I got my invite today.. I was so stoked and I cant wait to earn stuff.. I'm already entered into the drawing for the ces trip to las vegas.. I hope I win... Loving playstation rewards so far...

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King-Leonidas2854d ago

rewards like MW2´s title and emblems? I AM IN!

N4Great2854d ago

I hope it would be really better than ridiculous mw2 """"reward s""""" .

zeddy2854d ago

well you dont really get anything but a title. i would prefer it your one of 100 people to platinum a game then you get free dlc or something. that would make me wanna play.

pixelsword2854d ago

congrats to the GAP members.

Ye were not forgotten. :D

ico922854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

This is a phenomenal idea but the one thing that really caught my eye was this

" (The first of which is an all expenses paid trip to the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, as PlayStation’s guest)"

Wow Sony Wow.

tacosRcool2854d ago

A nice way to thank its loyal customers

avengers19782854d ago

Sinces it's free and the are going to reward me for stuff that I do all the time; Then this is only a bonus. More value from an already free PSN.
I wonder if they will value playstation exclusives more than multiplates?
If plus members will get more?
Isn't your trophy score already kinda of your status?
BTW just hit level 13.

MikeGdaGod2853d ago

I know I better be in that b!tch

Theonik2853d ago

Club Nintendo says hi! Hell even SE has something similar for the US. Good to see Sony getting in the action though. I buy >20 games a year so it's good for me :D

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BrianG2854d ago

That sounds pretty cool actually. I'm glad theres no fee to.

-Alpha2854d ago

But then if it's free I wonder how Plus members will feel. Some rewards are overlapping what you can get with Plus. It makes sense to be a Plus member to get these rewards, doesn't it?

BrianG2854d ago

I see what your saying and agree, but hopefully those rewards wont overlap. That way Plus members still get their exclusive content, but they can also get extra content from just playing games and etc.

Christopher2854d ago

Depends. These rewards may stack or offer deals on different games.

If PS+ offers deals on Game A and PS Rewards offers deals on Game B, you're essentially doubling up, aren't you?

SoSLy2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

It said that its "exclusive themes & avatar" that means it is only to be acquired through PS Rewards.

WildArmed2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

I guess some avatars and themes may overlap, which isn't a big deal.

But, it'll be interesting to see what they offer down the road.
Or will they forget about it like they did w/ GAP :(

Can't wait for this go out of beta and roll out to everyone..
Btw, i wonder if this means a fw update for PS rewards?

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TheLastGuardian2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

This sounds pretty cool. I'm glad I'm getting rewarded for being a playstation supporter.

I don't like how they said the biggest playstation fans are plus members and gap members. Just because I didn't subscribe to plus makes me not as big of a fan? Even though most of my money has gone to Sony my whole life. I didn't buy plus because I spend most of my money on retail games not in the PS store.

princejb1342854d ago

this is only for plus members guys

TheLastGuardian2853d ago

The beta is only for Plus and GAP members. Starting soon it will be for every PS3 and eventually PSP owners too.

KratosGirI2854d ago

We need something like this for Europe too!

NJShadow2854d ago

I read the details and requirements, sounds pretty gimmicky to me.

SoSLy2854d ago


If your not paying for it that means its free.

raztad2854d ago

well, trophies are gimmicky to me. I dont mind them tho and many people love them.

I think this stuff if well done can be very interesting.

DufferO82854d ago

i just gave you an agree but it came up 2 agrees?

NJShadow2854d ago

Trophies are a different story entirely.

raztad2854d ago


How? I mean is not like you need trophies/achievements to enjoy gaming, or do you?

NJShadow2854d ago

No, I mean trophies are free, you get them for playing. This program, however, at least at first, is not. You either have to fork over cash by being a PS+ member or be one of the RANDOMLY chosen G.A.P. members to get into the beta. And how the heck do you even have a beta for a rewards program!?

Bloodraid2854d ago

What do you mean "How the heck do you have a beta for a rewards program?". Are you serious?

People seem to have forgotten what a beta is, and replaced it with "free games before they're released!"

You have a beta for it by testing it out, and providing feedback, is it that hard to comprehend?

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lodossrage2854d ago

While the trophy stats IS an excellent idea. They might not be able to implement that just yet. Some games have been proven to be trophy hackable (mw2 for example) so until they get that ironed out, I doubt we'll see trophy rewards any time soon.

lodossrage2854d ago

Oh I'm sorry, Modern Warfare 2 ISN'T hackable. Just like FUEL isn't hackable. And yes, that is what we call sarcasm.

Fellas, I have a person on my list that literally told me they hacked their MW2 trophies. And when they told me to look at their trophies for it, he goes "notice anything peculiar about my trophies?" And it turned out, EVERY trophy for MW2 came at the EXACT day and time as each other. Which is when he admitted he hacked it

And as for FUEL, just look at youtube and you'll get your proof for that one

goalweiser2854d ago

Totally agree with you. +2 Bubbles and +2 agrees.

Killed4Less2854d ago

Yes, trophies have been hacked and it's actually old news so not sure why you got disagrees.

The moment that happened trophies lost their integrity and meaning. They are good for personal stat tracking however.

Rip-Ridah2854d ago

"+2 Bubbles and +2 agrees." I'm lol at the obvious. So who's your N4g alter ego? Hmm, hmm? ;-)