Medal of Honor vs Black Ops

OXM UK: "Comebacks aren't an easy art to pull off. Ask Guns 'N Roses or Michael Schumacher. They'll tell you.

Still, EA was determined that following the meh-so-what reception to Medal of Honor: Airborne, it would drag the Medal of Honor name back to relevance, kicking and screaming."

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lazysey2700d ago

Thats just like comparing dick sizes with a black guy.

tacosRcool2700d ago

Another article dissing Medal of Honor while praising Black Ops when it hasn't been released yet. Stuff like this keeps me farther and farther from purchasing Black Ops

SoapShoes2699d ago

Guns N' Roses didn't have a hard time coming back... Currently they're touring and having one of the largest world tours around. They are selling out stadiums all over the world, so how is that a hard time?

artdafoo2699d ago

The BF3 beta already owns both of them, and DICE hasn't even released a screenshot.

SpinalRemains1382698d ago

MOH is much more realistic than MW2. I havent played Black Ops, but Im assuming it's loaded with killstreaks and perks that ruin the game. Multiplayer is supposed to be about balance, and that is exactly what Dice has done with MOH. They've brought back balance to the online FPS experience. In MOH you do not have kids sitting in the corner waiting for a chopper. You have 3 classes and guys doing what theyre supposed to do. Run and gun, or sit back and snipe. It's so much fun to finally see the ruined COD experience have a competitor. Sure everyone will still play COD, but I will be playing MOH with the 1 million or so others. We will be using guns and not choppers and we will be playing a balanced game without He-Man gay perks.

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