Impressions about Multiplayer Beta Killzone 3 Again on the planet of Helgast!

Guerrilla Games has allowed a large number of users accessing the Killzone multiplayer beta 3, the third installment of the series coming to Playstation 3.

If Killzone 2 has been praised for many reasons, the sales have shown that not everyone loved the kind produced by the Dutch team of developers. What went wrong? What has created gap in the community of gamers? First, the release of new first-person shooter has surely taken the focus off a solid and competitive online play, but not winning, then the little charisma and a very responsive gameplay have undermined longevity. After a year and a half, here is get your hands on a sector that promises many new multiplayer. Read on to discover them.

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NBT912818d ago

First, sorry always wanted to do that,

NBT912818d ago

I do not have an account there?

Hideo_Kojima2818d ago

There is nothing special about being first on n4g.
Want to be first on every article?
Just go here...

Jason1432818d ago

is this written by a 3 yr old. My head hurts from trying to read it. Wtf, this site apparently posts anything?

DigitalAnalog2818d ago

You are quite clearly ignorant. Did you ever stop to think what if an Italian game site translates an English text to Italian (by Google)?

-End statement

gypsygib2818d ago

Goog translate dam, I was actually interested and planned on reading the article.

killcycle2818d ago

I think the Beta's amazing based on my experience.
Just 3 things i'm not really a fan of.

1. the Mechs are over powered.

2. when Medics are down they can press square to get back up instead of requiring someone else to revive them which although i think is amazing, does prove a little cheap.

3. You die faster then you do in Killzone 2. Kinda feels like MW2, While your getting shot at you have very little time (if any) to react.

showtimefolks2818d ago

medics part is kool/cheap lol

mechs need to be and hopefully fixed for the final build
die faster well i guess they should just leave it to what KZ2 had it took a while for someone to die in KZ 2 lol

i loved KZ2

robser732818d ago

1. the Mech is equal to tank in BBC2
2. this is a new feature, it's nice for me
3. Right, but you can consider the feedback released by the community focused on this point, then this is the result

Yardie2818d ago

I think this beta is crap, because i was enjoying MOH online, then the KZ3 Beta comes along, and makes MOH worse. it completely changed what i thought about MOH's online. now what should i play until kz3 comes out?

showtimefolks2818d ago

i don't need to play the ebta/demo i just want the game.

i am glad gamers are taking part in beta to help GG i don't have a lot of time right for games so my beta code if i were to get one would be a waste.

if i do get a beta code i can give to one of you guys on this article.

one question for anyone who has played the beta how are the controls i loved the heavy feel of the controls i just hope they don't chnage them to COD controls

dead_eye2818d ago

The controls are more responsive but still have a heavy feel.

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The story is too old to be commented.