Best Movie & TV Streaming Sites for your PS3 Browser

PSUni writes "Why pay hundreds of dollars every month for cable and movie rentals when you have a game system capable of streaming nearly any TV show or movie for free, without commercial breaks? If you own a PS3 and have high speed internet, then this applies to you. By using the custom PS3 browser, users can watch movies, television series, documentaries, cartoons, and anime."

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tacosRcool2677d ago

I wish the PS3 browser was just faster and better than what it is now

A Cupcake for Gabe2676d ago


You can search almost any movie. Just spect the movie you want, highlight the DOWNLoAD Box, press Triangle, File, save target.

Puts movies downloaded right to your XMB.

Only issue is it resets if you play game or disc movie, do download before you go to bed.

gaden_malak2676d ago

I'll check that out.


SilverSlug2676d ago

Is they are all 'part1/part2' etc. But good site, thanks : )

Zachmo1822676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Thats also a pretty good site to watch movies.

Dan502676d ago

http :// fastpasstv. com Good thing the PS3 doesn't get malware. ^___^

PimpHandHappy2676d ago

so i can come back and check this out later

nix2676d ago

thats why i bookmarked it. btw you can't get to this page using a Comment Section (under your User info) in ps3 browser.

ReservoirDog3162676d ago

Yeah you can. I doesn't load the first time but if you press refresh once it'll load. Don't know why, just how it works.

Darrius Cole2676d ago


This thread references the best TV & Movie streaming sites for the PS3 browser.

Marked for reference

CellularDivinization2676d ago

Piracy on the PS3, gotta love it!
Oh wait, I thought the PS3 fanboys were against piracy? Interesting....

trounbyfire2676d ago

i don't know what to tell you......
i am sure we sound like hypocrite but there are old crap anyway, I mean no gets angry at people that run NES emulators right.

blackburn52676d ago

And...... someone says something ignorant and/or stupid.Naturally