Check out these 5 scary games released in 2010 on Halloween

Halloween’s this weekend, so time to find something to play that will get you in the right mood. 2010 has been a relatively slow year for horror games, but there were five new releases that might be perfect for some quick scares. Whether you’re looking for gory or just plain unsettling, one of these might be the right pick for you.

Let’s look at five thrilling 2010 game releases:

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Caithness2819d ago

Another Saw game! I'm so excited! *Sarcasm +10 points

TroyAndAbed2819d ago

There are at least four of us who like the Saw games.

BlackTar1872819d ago

and im not a fan of any SAW movie except Part1

xYLeinen2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Where is Costume Quest!? :p

Tommykrem2819d ago worth mentioning. Looks great!


It is, the best scary game to date.

TroyAndAbed2819d ago

So, this guy hasn't actually played any of these games?!?

Amnesia is the scariest game since Fatal Frame III. (I'm aware that II is the best in the series.)

MisterNiwa2819d ago

Apparently you never played Calling. It makes you look under your bed.

TroyAndAbed2819d ago

Calling was a good game, but I guess I just wasn't scared by it.

theonlylolking2819d ago

I would bite that hand if it came out of my mouth.

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