Gamestop Robber shot dead by Cops

GamingBolt: A robber who was attempting to evade the cops after holding up a GameStop store was shot dead by Police in Orlando.

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gameseveryday2674d ago

Why kill someone...cant they just nab him?

cyborg2674d ago

they shot him in the back according to witnesses

tacosRcool2674d ago

So what so they can spend 10 years in federal prison and then be released to do it all over again? Violent people that have the intent to kill like this man doesn't need to to be just nabbed. He got what he deserved and I commend the police on doing their job.

awiseman2674d ago

do not robbers Gamestop you will be dyed :P

motherboop2673d ago

"Where do you think you are, Funco Land?"

FantasyStar2673d ago

Crook got what he had coming. Justice has been served.