14 Ways That Black Ops Raises The Bar

With 14 days to go until Call of Duty: Black Ops (at the time of publication), CoD Black Ops News have highlighted 14 new and improved features that'll make Black Ops the best CoD game yet.

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velocitygamer2824d ago the crossbow explosive tips. I've had this nightmare, where the crossbow was the new grenade launcher. If the explosive tip goes straight like a bullet, then it's fine. But if the explosive tip shoots and lands in a curve like the throwing knife from mw2...we're fucked...

Bobbykotickrulesz2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I haven't watched a single video of Black Ops, nor have I read anything about the game, besides that one thing about their retarded RC car taking 45 batteries.

Edit: or maybe it was 65 batteries? I can't remember. A bagillion?

FishCake9T42824d ago

Wow, your name suits you.

cyberwaffles2824d ago

it may seem like a simple electrical toy car, but the military possess technology similar to it and are highly explosive and deadly.

they are anything but "retarded."

Rocket Sauce2824d ago

Yeah, and they go VRRRRRMMMMMMMMM!!!!

scar202824d ago

I think the crossbow is only usable in sticks and stones game mode.

-Alpha2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

First of all-- Black Ops isn't raising any bar that hasn't really already been set.

However, it doesn't have to. The game is looking great, and out of everything I played this year it looks to be the best Multiplayer game.

My issue is the revealed pro perks. Ghost and Ninja seem to dominant, and I hate that unlimited sprint+Lightweight is back.

Aside from that everything looks great.

Also, F--- Treyarch for screwing the PS3 fans.

GearMonkey2824d ago

Actually, they reduced the marathon perk to "extended sprint" rather than "unlimited".

velocitygamer2824d ago

That Ninja's pro perk is to make footsteps louder. Like sitrep pro. So basically, they cancel each other out, so there is no point on using ninja. If you're using ninja, and somebody else is using ninja pro, you made your footsteps quieter, but the other guy made it louder, making the noise back to the original state.

scar202824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

@alph-male22 i hope this makes your day enjoy cuz i know i did.

lazysey2824d ago

Don't worry you guys have Killzone 3 and you don't have to cry about waiting for the dreadful $15 dlc.

=\ sarcasm

-Alpha2824d ago

Lol,thanks scar.

Honestly, COD4 is still one of the best games, and their perks made more sense.

No infinite run, dead silence came at the cost of marathon, etc.


The latest video says "unlimited", but I keep also hearing "extended"

I'd like some clearance from Treyarch.

cyberwaffles2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

the main thing that i like treyarch is doing with black ops is that they are making everything balanced and getting rid of a lot of overpowered perks/weapons/killstreaks/aspe cts that hindered the MW2 experience.

IW thought that just by adding a bunch of new perks and killstreaks would make MW2 as a big of a hit as MW, but it proved worse and more a cluster fuck multiplayer game than anything else. the campaign doesn't even have a consistent premise and goes from one (almost irrelevant) crazy hollywood-movie action set piece to another just for the sake of randomized action and not following a plot.

treyarch seems to be focusing on things that were overpowered or unbalanced from MW2 and fixing them.

treyarch did a great job balancing WAW such as not allowing the grenades to fly the distance of a superbowl dome and offering bigger and more detailed maps.

i got more trust in treyarch than IW when it comes to offering a better campaign and multiplayer even when IW lays the initial foundation for the series.

Takoulya2824d ago

Treyarch balanced WaW? WTH is wrong with you? 70% of WaW used the MP40 simply because it was ridiculously cheap. It was complained about and brought up for months, yet to this day, Treyarch did nothing. They are horrible at that type of thing. I'm glad to see they are balancing perks in BO, and I hope that they don't make a second coming of the MP40 in BO.

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farhsa20082824d ago

thats also 14 extra reasons why i wont be buying the game

cyberwaffles2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

"•Killstreak Kills - Kills from Killstreak Rewards no longer count towards your next-higher killstreak reward. This is definitely raising the bar over previous Call of Duty titles where users often had only to reach a lower killstreak and hide somewhere while that Killstreak Reward earned them their next-higher one. This will encourage some more interactivity and promote aggressive players."

excellent improvement.

couldn't stand the fuckers who got a chopper from a measely care package and let it do al the work for them.


"COD Points - ....Never before have players had the ability to spend ‘money’ on anything that they wish. We have always been given a certain weapon, at a certain level, whether we liked that weapon or not."

wow, this fool hasn't played a lot of FPSs. MAG, BC1, and a bunch of other FPSs have this feature.

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MGRogue20172824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I'm definately buying it, Nothing is going to stop me..

Unless of course, I get run over a few days before release

Mafia22002824d ago ShowReplies(1)
cyberwaffles2824d ago

"I'm not gay so I can't."

ever heard of the word "experimentation"? supposedly a lot of people do it for their first time in college.

mikhail_tisoy2824d ago

increasing the price by 20 Percent

NewsForMe2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

None of those things are new and some aren't even proven. IS the game balanced? Flamethrowers attached to assault rifles seems to prove otherwise. How is it raising the bar if it hasn't done anything to raise the bar? This is just another annual Call of Duty game, nothing more. The same thing was done with MW2 as we are seeing now. The game keeps having more and more to it, then when it comes out it will be another mediocre mess. I feel bad for anyone falling for it again.

Stat keeping, community feedback and theater mode, way to play catch up.

Sniping, killstreaks, combating cheaters/hackers and balance, nice job finally fixing problems that were in three or more games in the series. That is if you actually fixed it and aren't talking out your ass again.

chilled2m2824d ago

Your edit is hilarious,

Clearly, in your first post you didn't even bother to read the article. Just wanted to say the same tired shit everyone else does.

Then its an about face when you read the article.. Tell you what, why don't you try reading before you click the "add comment" button, k?

Chuk52824d ago

Treyarch is taking names. They don't wanna be "B" team anymore. With infinity ward decimated, they're going for the throat.

DarkBlood2824d ago

so they want to be the "A" Team now :P lol

Kingdom Come2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I Lol'd.

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