CoD: Black Ops is a Prequel of Modern Warfare?

Maybe who knows, it may be truth or it may be false, but here you can see the reasons why the story of Black Ops may be a prequel of the Story of Modern Warfare, all thanks to only 1 second of footage of the recent single player trailer released. One hint is from a character from COD4 Modern Warfare "Zachaev" that it looks that he appears in Black Ops.

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coolbeans2703d ago

Perhaps your black ops team was responsible for:


Finding out Zachaev was making that weapons deal in Chernobyl


ajcastillo2703d ago

That was what i was thinking too.

tacosRcool2703d ago

It might be since after Modern Warfare they have made their own universe

hakis862702d ago

But do a lot of people actually care..? Aren't most people just buying it and playing it for the multiplayer?

madara0sama2702d ago

If your talking about the sheep, yes.

TekoIie2702d ago

You slow??? ask every halo fanboy what they thionk of COD story's and they will say their unimaginative and shit. So if this is linked to another COD game then it just makes the story a hell of a lot better

NBT912702d ago

LoL even so, anyone with any sense at all would want the campaign to be as good as it can be. (I do think CO-OP campaign online would help this, ironically).

I buy each new COD game and play the campaign once on the hardest setting before I play Multiplayer, but that's about it. Now, that may not be a whole lot but i'd still like that initial playthrough to be as good as it can be. MW2 though was a bit too fast paced in plot and thus felt very short, it's one of the many, many things I hope they will fix in Black Ops.

mordakai82703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

So, the link between [email protected] and Black Ops was Resnov. And now the links between Black Ops and the MW series is Makarov and Zachaev.

So that's what it looks like when Worlds Collide eh?

dannybohy2702d ago

i wish they wouldnt taint cod4 with this pile of Cack!

4pocalyps32702d ago

yeah you know at the bottom where you chose multiplayer? well if you go right to the top of the list, it says "new game" i think, not sure, but think thats the story part of the game.

PhilipLarkin2702d ago

It's set in the 1960s/70s/80s.

MW was set in 2000/10.

Of course it's a fucking prequel.

ajcastillo2702d ago

In timeline is a prequel but now at least theres some type of hint that the story between Black Ops and Modern Warfare may be link thus making Black Ops a prequel in story line based.

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