GameFocus: Vanquish Review

GameFocus: "Vanquish, a game that certainly carries an appropriate name since that is precisely what the player does to many, many enemies. At first, I wasn’t entirely sure how to approach this game, but it certainly has some interesting backing. It is the latest in a line of products by Platinum Games, a recently formed developer that’s essentially a rebirth of the tragically dissolved legendary Clover Studio/Seeds Inc. and whose status as a creator of original IPs is steadily growing after MadWorld and Bayonetta. It’s also the newest brainchild of creative mastermind of Shinji Mikami, known as the father of Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe. With such an impressive background, can this new entry live up to its roots?"


+ Non-stop exciting action
+ Beautiful, stylistic visuals
+ Great, if rarely heard music
+ Six fully voice acted languages


- Not much to do after beating the game
- Difficulty can get frustrating

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