GameFocus: Fable 3 Review

GameFocus: "I’ve missed Albion. Sure, the Fable franchise has developed some tarnish over the years, but that’s mostly due to the hype machine. I learned a long time ago that one cannot approach any of Peter Molyneux’s work looking for his grandiose promises to be fulfilled. We have to take the games for what they are and not what they might be. When viewed from that perspective, we get nifty titles that make an attempt at superseding genre definitions by just providing the player with a tangible experience."


+ Much more contoured and better balanced
+ Henchmen are more fleshed out
+ Gorgeous visuals
+ Fantastic voice-acting
+ Story and gameplay combine to provide an experience


- Side activities feel less independent
- It’s still Fable. Folks who didn’t like Fable II will find nothing here to change their mind

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