Microsoft is a dying consumer brand

NEW YORK ( -- Consumers have turned their backs on Microsoft. A company that once symbolized the future is now living in the past.

Microsoft has been late to the game in crucial modern technologies like mobile, search, media, gaming and tablets. It has even fallen behind in Web browsing, a market it once ruled with an iron fist.

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PS3ROCKS2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

RIP April 4 1975-2010 We will never forge... wait is that a iPad. Mic who. JK but Apple had one of the best phones of all time. And that bill guy is just lame. Steve is a innovator.

movements2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

MS must learn focus. Just because its pockets are deep should'nt cause them to spend money wildly with no consequence. Think about it, Microsoft hasn't made back the money it spent trying to launch the original Xbox: 7 billion. Nor has it made back the amount it spent trying to fix the massive RROD: 3 billion.

But ignoring all that, the giant goes straightway and spends half a billion on Kinect advertising.

Now Google and Apple are head-to-head with Redmond, with the former planning to take a direct hit at the software giant's main bread winner next year: Windows, when it releases the Google Chrome operating system.

Microsoft must learn focus.

StanLatMarveldotCom2852d ago

So true man, so true. They lack focus. They stretch themselves thin.

Shadow Flare2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

"Microsoft has been late to the game in crucial modern technologies like mobile, search, media, gaming and tablets"

It's because Microsoft never want to take the leap, they always wait and look at others, copy, and modify.

Kurylo3d2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

How do u figure they havent made their money back? I want to read your sources please.

half a billion isnt really that much when it comes to how much money they will make ... think about it.. they sell 1 million connects... they get 150 million dollars... im sure connect will sell more then what they put in for the marketing. What happens if they actually capture the interest of the wii market and sell 50 million. I doubt they will sell that much... but id say the risk for marketing like that makes it possible.

Wouldnt u agree with marketing like that they should pick up a lot of extra interest? I mean most of microsofts games sell more then what they would need for kinnect to sell.

PS. I love how people on the internet are going to tell a company like microsoft which is like one of the biggest companys in the world... how it should spend its money lol... be aware your probably on a microsoft owned operating system while you type your responses... at least 90 % of you are.

Seece2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

@ Movements your figures are wrong, they made a one off $1 billion for all RROD, so where you got $3 billion from I don't know. The original Xbox lost $4 billion, the 360 lost $3 billion including the $1 billion RROD payout, and since starting to profit, it's made a little over $1.2 billion profit. Of course this is the E&D division, but the bulk of the figures come from the 360, unless something like KIN kills the Q.

Microsoft has focus, I just believe in most feilds regarding entertainement they're behind the curve ball, they're getting there though. Windows phone 7 is a great effort and the reason they have splashed $500 mill on Kinect advertising is because they have great faith in it. Just an FYI, that $500 mill is for a year long deal, not just christmas.

captain-obvious2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

no company can stay on top forever
not sony not Microsoft not any other company in this whole world
not at all

dragonelite2852d ago

The original investment was to give the xbox brand a foothold and behold they are in second place this gen. Double their own marketshare see sony halved their marketshare. That investment was to earned back not in 1~2 years but over multiple gens. Live is making them a lot of money so has the 360 last year live revenue has filled up the 1 billion rrod costs i believe.

Kurylo3d2852d ago

exactly. People dont look at the bigger picture.. Microsoft wouldnt be in the position they are in now if they werent smart about buisness.

Shadow Flare2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

kurylo3d, im just going to pick you up on this sentence:

"they sell 1 million connects... they get 1.5 billion dollars..."

1) if they sell 1 million kinects at $150, they would make $150 million, not $1.5 billion

2) They wouldn't make $150 million profit anyway. Kinects aren't sold at 100% profit, they cost money to manufacture. You might find they make something like $30 profit on every kinect sold for example. In this example they would make $30 million profit, which is far short of $500 million

3) it's not called connect, it's called kinect

anh_duong2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

problem is ms got so focused on killing sony and nintendo they forgot about apple.. it really amazes me how steve ballmer is still in charge at ms given how badly ms has performed relative to apple..

the future is really mobile computing and telephony i.e. convergence technologies.. ms dropped the ball when they thought that home console was the future of convergence technology.. the home console = trojan house philosphy is outdated..

microsoft CONSUMER strategy sucess now rests on two technologies:

- windows 7 mobile
- kinect

if both are sucessful then ms shareholders can at last breath a sigh of relief..

dragonelite2852d ago

i would say they make about $50 on kinect on the hardware but you need to keep in mind the R&D and the massive amount of data processing to update kinect hardware.

kerrak2852d ago

Number 1 strength for Microsoft is also number 1 weakness: they have lots of money. Sum this to the fact they have lived with long timed monopolies of some markets (Windows, Office, IE) and you see what sort of cultural heritage is damaging this company.
With their money, they can be present in lots of markets trying to secure domination of those said markets. They usually fail.
Hey! It's not easy to compete against Apple, Google, Sony, Nintendo, Adobe, Facebook, Mozilla, and hundreds of other companies at the same time!
With their money, they buy lots of things. Us gamers know it well: they buy time (see RROD), they buy market entry barriers (see timed exlusives), they buy purchase intention (0'5 Bn Kinect campaign), but i'm not so sure if they buy talent. At least this is my impression looking at their product and services lineup (Kin, Vista are the winners but they have tons of mediocre products).
Microsoft maybe would be more creative, more strict with their products, more quality assured if their pockets weren't so deep.
Or maybe they would be even worse?

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

I've waited for this day since Steve Jobs returned to Apple in the 90s. Revenge is sweet.

50 million Mac users world wide are grinning from ear to ear today. : )

DiRtY2852d ago

MS never lost 7 billion with the original Xbox. It was close to 5 billion and is less than Sony lost with the PS3 till now.

RROD never was 3 billion either. It was one billion. And it is already included in the financial reports.

The Xbox 360 is making money for 3 years now (since 2008). And it is profitable even though Windows phone, Zune, Surface were posting losses. So basically Xbox 360 and Xbox live are 2 very strong products that carry a whole division. New numbers will arrive tomorrow. I don't know if the coming numbers include the 1 billion marketing for WP7 and Kinect (both in one division).

Sure Apple and Google saw a HUGE boost in the past years, but does it really matter? MS posted a 17 billion USD PROFIT (62 billion USD revenue), Apple posted something like 50 billion USD revenue and 13 billion profit (without looking it up) and Google reported a 8 billion USD profit. These numbers are just insane for everyone of them.

I think the variety MS is investing in is good. Xbox 360 is an example that this can pay off. I hope Windows Phone 7 will be next. Sure it has the Windows-division, the office-division and the server-division which are incredibly profitable, but you can't expand on these markets anymore. Windows 7 sold very very well and the market share of Windows OS is like 90%. Office is a common requirement in nearly every job-offering in the world. So as a company you have to milk these markets and that is just what MS does. PLUS they are expanding their businesses. Imagine a Xbox 360 console as big as the PS2 was or a Mobile phone OS growing like Android. This could get the company a big moneymaker.

Launching the Xbox 10 years ago was a smart move by MS. That is a highly competitive market they are in and it works well for them. That is something Google and Apple would surely like to have.

Oner2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

@ DiRtY ~ Sorry but your "proof" link/article is dated from 2007 and states MORE THAN 1 Billion back when there was only about 11 Million 360's you have a 3 year old article that back then states it was/is more than a Billion and since then RROD has still been a problem thus common sense would dictate more costly.

Way to go to "prove" your point.

Arnon2852d ago

What's wrong with his link? It's more evidence than anything you have or anyone else here for that matter.

King-Leonidas2852d ago

yep I agree shadow flare. Just look at the Playstation 1´s sucess. then about 5-6 years later Xbox was born.

rockleex2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

But don't forget about the money they spent on R&D and making the 360 too.

Remember, only reason 360 is even in competition for 2nd place this gen is because Sony decided to create and include the Cell Processor and Bluray on the PS3 giving it a hefty price of $599 at launch.

Trebius2852d ago

His link shows over a billion lost at a point where the 360 had only sold 10mil consoles, or slightly more.

So it only makes sense that the amount lost would go up as the consoles fly off the shelves.

ThanatosDMC2852d ago

^MS defenders. Fight forever!

On a serious note... ^LOL!!!

InTheKnow2852d ago

Somebody better tell M$...they just keep making money. Windows has no competition. XBL has no competition and has generated well over a BILLION dollars. Xbox 360 has sold 42+ million consoles and has dominated the last 6 months. Kinect is selling out everywhere. Windows Phone is reviewing nicely. Halo Reach has sold extremely well and the holidays are stacked in M$ favor.

XBL as of now is the M$ ace up their sleeve. M$ is trying to tie in to the 15+ million XBL subscribers to sell there phones and eventually there own tablet/Ipad type of handheld. Halo and Gears on a tablet...inbound.

Interesting...there have been alot of articles calling for M$ just to gonna happen, especially when the company is pulling down BILLIONS in profit. This holiday season belongs to M$. Halo Reach sold 3.3 million Halo games in a week...Hmmmmm...Big things incoming. Nobody notice that M$ bought 12 companies in the last 15 months...O_o

zootang2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )


Articles Fail? This is CNN! I'm sure they know what they are talking about.

iMad2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

@^^^^Yeah..nobody noticed about 12 new companies..i know what you are talking about too. :))

MS will surprise soon. Expecialy in gaming division.

Why we don't critisize Apple for not being interprise friedly. Why we don't critisize Google for not so good usability in their apps?
why we don't critisize Sony for a lack of integration in PS3 software?

Microsoft can't be a leader in everywere.

I agree in fail in with windows mobile..where iPhone's usability conquered Microsoft's functionality...Usability was MS's ahel feet. But that nice usability from Apple costs 1.5 more. will you pay for it? Now MS bring that level of usability with Windows Phone 7, Windows 7 and IE9.

MS can't conquer on all markets.

Lets list all makets and write down pluses on every company - nobofy will rule all of them.

OS Software
Office Software
Interprise Software
Mobile Phone software
Gaming Console
Gaming Social
Internet Search
Internet browser
Internet social
Phone hardware
tablet hardware
Gaming handfields
Media handfields

only MS presents in majority of thouse markets(soon on tablet market too with their tablet xbox - year that was inside info for you). they just bring new pros to their core markets by expanding new markets. and they shouild integrate thouse market with each other. and that takes their time. that is why they are not leaders but followers in some areas.

Oner2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

I see Arnon is one of those types who tends to overlook the actual point that was clearly made...Whatever. For some reason you cannot seem to comprehend that DiRtY's evidence is flawed because of how he intended to use it ~ but I will go for the bait for now. But be warned this is going to be a LOOOOONG post (or 2)!

First off whoever cannot understand my point I would suggest brushing up on their reading comprehension because what I said is just sound REASONING. But since you want links how about some of these ~

The above link shows that back in 2007 Microsoft admitted to ALL 360's having the ability to fail. If I remember correctly that was BEFORE a single revision was EVER made to the 360. And as well all know (as it is truthful) that every single revision up to the 360s STILL failed (and even that is questionable because of RDOD). So if both DiRtY's link and my link are from 2007 then the 1 Billion was ONLY up until that point of calculation. It is the year 2010 going on to 2011 now so any further costs from RROD "Warranties" has to be incurred additionally. That in itself is more than enough but I will continue because you want "evidence"

Link that say MORE THAN 1 Billion ~

Oner2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

Link showing all 360 revision's that fall in line with my point ~

Xbox 360 MB revisions ~
1 Xenon
2 Zephyr
3 Falcon
4 Opus
5 Jasper
6 Valhalla
7 Vejle

Launch 11/2005

This is the launch console, the console that was given a huge amount of bad press due to the Red Rings Of Death problems where a large percentage of consoles would die from an overheating GPU that would pop out of its socket.

Launch 7/2007

This revised edition brought in HDMI socket that was causing an outcry of whether it was a true High Definition machine if it didnt have a HDMI socket. It didnt provide any cure for the RROD issue other than the use of epoxy glue to hold the GPU down better.

Launch 9/2007

This version of the Xbox 360 brought about a smaller cooler CPU. As this was not the chip causing the RROD it was considered to be little effect at combating the RROD issue.

Launch 6/2008

This version was released to allow Microsoft to refit the old Xenon consoles that were returned with RROD issues with an updated version of the Falcon. The problem with the Falcon was it had HDMI support and yet the old Xenon never had HDMI when launched so the console case was incompatible. Microsoft had thousands of old Xenon consoles coming in and having to be replaced with brand new consoles while the old broken consoles just mounted up in storage. With Opus (Falcon minus HDMI) it was to allow refurbishing of these old consoles as and when RROD issues occurred. This reduces the number of old consoles to be scrapped and allows the replacement of the Xenon>Opus board rather than the entire console, thus saving Microsoft millions of $$$ in not having to replace entire consoles (case and other parts).

Launch: 9/2008

The Jasper is the first proper attempt to combat the RROD issue by finally having a smaller, cooler and hopefully more reliable GPU. The issue of the RROD was the overheating and eventual disconnecting of the GPU and the Jasper should go a long way towards making the Xbox 360 a lot more reliable with regards this particular issue.

Launch: Late 2009

Valhalla is predicted to be the final (or at least scheduled) revision of the Xbox 360 before the next generation Xbox is launched. Apart from the possibility of the CPU and GPU being further reduced to 45nm reducing cost of production (which will help with price decreases in retail) it is believed that both the GPU and CPU will share the same piece of board together. The benefits of this (along with the reduced need for cooling systems with a much cooler 45nm chip) is that the entire internal board within the console takes up a great deal less space (possible as much as 30% less) and as such the Valhalla could lead to an Xbox 360 Slim version.

Launch: 6/2010

Vejle is the newest and most current revision of which was supposed to totally address RROD but all MS has done is remove the 3 red lights for display of RROD/E74 (or whatever other name they tried covering it up with) only to now have it called the RDOD (red dot of death) (lots of links about it here ~
You wanted "evidence" and I think I have given enough to fill that request. Ignore, Deflect, Spin, Insult or do/say whatever you wish. My point has clearly been made and I have no reason to keep up this argume...I mean "discussion".

Elvfam5112852d ago

You said that like a year or two ago MS hasn't done anything for its gaming division...

iMad2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

@Elvfam511 well, you right. but i only know what is in production. i don't know announce dates...if i were MS i would show everybody what they show to the devs imidiatly...but it is all marketing and politics.

kinect make a delay for some games to be announced with amazing graphics. watch them next year. now it is a kinect time.

on the other can see a potential of what is comming allready now. did you see how powerfull new unreal 3.5 engine in gamespot's kinematicals demo?

turtiturt2852d ago

Well said, Microsoft always turn up late and then go mad on advertising to make their product look like some form of innovation.

I attended a cloud computing conference the other day, someone from microsoft, no joke, pretty much said they invented the idea and were the first and only option.

I work for a very large computer firm, and Microsoft are the joke of the industry.

PS3_lifer2852d ago

You must learn focus Ballmer.... focus.

It's time for some fresh blood. Let Google/Chrome OS fill the void that MS can't seem to fill or uncle Steve release OS X into the wild so it can play with everyone else.

RageAgainstTheMShine2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

Xbox Failed.....
The M$ Entertainment Division which houses the whole Xbox 3Shitty only make up 1% of all M$ shares of stock and they call 360 a success.
Without the 99% billions the Xbox3Shitty business could have been out of business years ago.

Xbox Failed....
M$ is bigger than Nintendo & Sony combined but With all its billion dollar support from Microsoft it can't even put neither one of them down & out of the video game business.

Xbox Failed

and with Kinect and a few exclusives XBOX is dying.

Never bet on a losing company.

DaTruth2852d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Your focus, needs more focus!

deafwing2851d ago

they've built them selves up in terms of sub-package deals (software, software add ons, and multi versions of the same software) ... it just doesn't cut it anymore ... ever try finding something at a microsoft site? first you have to make sure you're at the right now .. they really aren't focus ... or some would say over focused

evrfighter2851d ago

they do lose focus in the areas they don't specialize in. but when it comes to OS's which is their bread and butter. They still reign supreme.

that said I'm glad they found a consumer base to exploit in the 360 crowd rather than try and completely eff up pc gaming.

UltraNova2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )


R u sure?

Coca-Cola and McDonalds to name a couple..

In contrast with MS they have focus, they stick to what made them succesful to begin with and they are stronger and dominant as ever. Coca-cola has the strongest and most expensive brand name in history and its been like that for 99% of its time as a company!

Lesson of the day (or the century for that matter)? Stick to what you do best!

Bolts2851d ago

Microsoft is like a dog chasing after cars. It doesn't know why it's chasing and it doesn't even know what to do with car once it's caught up.

What they need to do is pull back and focus on making the PC freaking awesome. Thats their strong suit.

ElementX2851d ago

MS stretches themselves thin... LOL, look at Sony stretching themselves across multiple markets, mobile phones, tvs, stereos, desktops, laptops, camcorders, digital cameras, video game consoles, Sony music, Sony movies... Sony has their grubby hands in movies, music, cell phones, computers, home theater............... and people say Microsoft wants to control everything..........

sikbeta2851d ago

They lack focus cos they still believe they're the only ones, also with the huge monopoly they run aka Window$ and all the money they get from it, they do this kind of stuff, which is spend more money in advertising than in the actual product they want to sell, clear case is the x360, rushed, with loads of problems and backed by massive quantity of $$$ in advertising, heck, I saw loads of movies with the x360 logo, the irony, they even put money for advertising in Sony Pictures Entertainment movies... the sister company of Sony PlayStation... that attitude and the way MS wants to enter in competition everywhere and try to win in everything when their products are not even established yet, that's the wrong thing...

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bustamove2852d ago

Very interesting article. What Microsoft needs is innovation. It's not there, no matter how far you look at it.

turtiturt2852d ago

Innovation is the key point, and so many of the worlds big companies are starting to fall behind in this, it will be the innovators that are the big companies of tomorrow, no one will support Microsoft if they cannot bring anything innovative to the table

Anarki2852d ago

Apple and Microsoft are both shitty companies. They both love to shaft their consumers.

Gue12852d ago

But Apple makes good software and hardware most of the times while MS does gaming consoles that RRoD, awful OS like Vista and ME and failures like Zune, all of these in less than 6 years.

Just compared any PC to a MAC, Apple always wins. They are faster, reliable and no matter how much time passes
they always work like they should. While PC's get slower and slower until you're just forced to buy a new one. This is just an example of why Apple is so much superior than MS.

bobdog6262852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

GT5 Anyone or Socom or LBP take your Pick LoL

Monkey5212851d ago

Ya, I have never been shafted by Apple. The only problem I had with my macbook pro was the logic board failing (3 years after purchase) and they replaced it for free. Their customer service is REALLY responsive, and won't hang up until they solve your problem.

^ These are what I like to call facts

****waits for disagrees****

p.s. The only things I see most people complaining about is the fact they can't afford the computers (yes I know the prices are high) and that they can't customize their comps. Do you really think this matters to the average consumer?

MNicholas2852d ago

"a great consumer brand."


Panasonic is an example of a once great consumer brand that has declined considerably.

Samsung and Apple are the great success stories of the brand wars.

Samsung is cheap chic and apple simply inspires lust.

Sheikh Yerbouti2852d ago


Yeah Panasonic sucks. I've gone through hell with Panasonic clock radios. Cheap!

Samsung is my favorite for TV, much more than Sony. I like Toshiba too.

I liked Apple 15 years ago, but I'm not the consumer for Apple products. Still, they make good products as long as you don't want to upgrade them but buy a whole new computer in the next 3 years.

Snakefist302852d ago

FIRE Steve Ballmer!!! and bring back Bill Gates then Microsoft will be SAVED!!

tacosRcool2852d ago

Steve is no innovator! Charging a premium price for products that aren't premium nor worth it is not innovative nor nice

Rhythmattic2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

If you have ever installed ram / hard drive in a Mac Pro, you'd have to agree the industrial design is incredible.

Akagi2851d ago

Because it's extrememly difficult to change RAM on a pc.


Rhythmattic2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )


Wow.. Missing the point..

So obviously you havent......

HDgamer2852d ago

Nintendo has been around for more than a 100 years, who's to say sony and ms won't?

Gago2852d ago

last year when windows 7 released it became the fastest selling OS in history

the xbox 360 is doing great

windows phone is looking good

whats the problem

Sheikh Yerbouti2852d ago

The 360 is doing fine, but it is stealing resources from areas Microsoft needs to perform.

Windows phone 7 is less than 5% of the market for smart phones. Android and iPhones have it on lock!

Windows 7 actually is doing well now because businesses are in clusterfuck trying to update after the Vista debacle. After that....chirping crickets.

They are equating Microsoft to IBM and Motorola in the 80's and 90's - companies that had market forces redefine their business for them. Dying brands doesn't mean dying companies. They are just not the forces they once were.

Gago2852d ago

wow a phone that came out last week already has 5% of market

how does anything change the fact the Windows 7 is the fastest selling and suspected to be the most use OS ever

PS3_lifer2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

"The challenge with Windows 7 is that it's based on the same paradigm as 1985 -- it's really an interface that's optimized for a mouse and keyboard."

Those are the problems when stealing an OS--similar to when stealing a car radio--you don't have time nitpick and do the job right. You have bust the window in and break open the dashboard and rip the mother fucker out as quickly as possible and get it out onto the street and get some cash for it.

That's what Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer are all about the quick smash and grab and they've been doing it to you for over twenty five years.

AAACE52852d ago

The king can't stay on top forever!

I think it happens to all companies when they become complacent. Nintendo did it and allowed Sony to come in and bust the gaming market wide open. Then Sony did it and allowed Nintendo to take marketshare back and allowed MS to get a firm grasp in the gaming industry.

I know this is about more than just gaming, but seeing how this is a gaming site, I explained it so other people could understand.

N4Great2852d ago

. "It was close to 5 billion and is less than Sony lost with the PS3 till now. "

yeah sure, poor delusional fanboyz :)

sony investments was huge, but after 40 millions consoles, millions of games and bluray, ps3 is profitable.

EvilBlackCat2852d ago

uuuhhh did you guys know that the economy is fuck up?

How many of you are still using Windows xp?

How many of you have spend a lot of benjamines in a imac just to search on the net? DUMB decision ever.

How many of you have an iphone just because you believe is coller than the others? SERIOUS?

RememberThe3572851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

I'm with you on that. I hate Apple products. Every time I use one I don't like it. I have a friend who's a Mac guy and he keeps saying "well you don't own one yet." Why would I go out and buy an over priced computer that I don't like in the first place just so it can grow on me. MS seems to over price it's software but Apple takes to cake for sticking rhinestones on shit then selling it as a diamond necklace.

Generally I like MS for software and Sony for hardware.

Matter of fact I've been more impressed with Windows 7 mobile then any other phone OS I've seen. If MS pushes it's self it can do great things. They just really aren't ambitious enough.

meluvulongtime2852d ago

MS is a greed driven company that lacks imagination. Instead of being innovative they just copy another companies good ideas (Zune/Ipod, Bing/Google, Internet Explorer/Mozilla, Windows Live/Facebook, Kinect/Wii and Eyetoy, could even be more). They're too busy trying to have a foothold in everything instead of trying to be innovative and be a leader.

zimain2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

I would look at who owns stock in Apple inc before you say MS are "ignoring them" and let me know what you find

/*cough*/ MS bought a percentage of apple shares a few years back to settle/rescue them so they would not monopolise the OS market and other legal stuff
/*end cough*/

/*new cough*/ this is why macs are now running on windows networks better than ever, mac has office and also macs now run on intel chipsets and procs
/*end 2nd cough*/

Also yes the xbox had the RRoD fiasco, but before fixing the "old" consoles they had to fix the "new" consoles, it took a while to make sure that all new consoles on the shelves were the "fixed" version as some places sell far better than others, MS made a calculation (as do most companies, spec car comapnies for recalls) and poss calculated it was cheaper to fix a console when it broke, rather than simply recall all consoles and fix them...

now get off the RRoD that is so 2007

Before you gib the "pirating" also Ms really listend to the homebrew of the old xbox and took those features and put them into the 360, Sony's "lockdown" means that you rely on Sony to be innovative and sometimes people can't see the wood for the tree's

I've ran out of letter lol

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Keith Olbermann2852d ago

Some of us in the office use windows 7 but we are still slow to upgrade from XP becuase Vista was a disaster. As far as gaming goes...I think this article may need to add Kinect to that list of stinkers MS made.

Bolts2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

They might as well add the 360 and Live to that list too. For all the money they poured into Live and the 360 what did MS get in return?

A Google and Apple dominated market place thats what. Those two companies made insane gains at MS's expense while they dumped millions in the 360 and Live which doesn't lead to anywhere and doesn't do anything for them a brand.

Look at Sony for example. They managed wrestle Bluray out of the PS3 and now it's the hidef industry standard which powers their holdings in the movie industry.

Microsoft need to pull the hell back and rethink their strategy in this marketplace or else they're going to be the next IBM.

Mr_Bun2852d ago

Lame no name blog...who is this "CNN" anyways..oh wait

Nihilism2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

I really don't get this article, they diss M.S for not being leaders in physical tech. But historically they were software only :S they make out like they have gotten worse over time.

Win7 was the fastest selling O.S of all time and has already sold 250million copies...I think that is what we call an IMPROVEMENT.


lol, disagrees already, sorry to take your fanboy fodder away from you. M.S are the biggest software company in the world: fact. How can you disagree with that. Ask any win7 user if they think it is their best O.S ever, I think you would hear unanimously that it is. Well that takes care of both the objective and subjective aspect of the discussion out of question.

@Keith Olbermann

lol, yeah and the stock market isn't fickle and based on speculation at all :S

I'll let you in on a little secret: Apple has a higher stock rating, but M.S makes several thousand times as much profit per year...what does that tell you.

Change your username, with ignorance like that it should be Bill O'Reiley.

@kaos_fish II

The reason we have no other alternative is because no one else can match the quality of windows, if they had, people wouldn't buy windows, simples.

Intel also has a monopoly, but they also make the fastest CPUs money can buy...I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I think you'll find that in the PC industry things sell based on their quality rather than 'what's cool' whether it be a good O.S or a fast CPU/GPU.

@Fishy Fingers

That argument doesn't work because Mac O.S has existed all the while and is still lagging behind windows in terms of features, which is an indication that M.S is ahead of the 'inevitable progress' curve.

I have owned vista from day 1, vista 32bit business on a crappy laptop and 64 bit ultimate on my gaming pc...even since day 1 it has been far more stable and reliable than XP ever was. The only people who say call it a black sheep are those that tried to run it on XP hardware specs, that's like trying to run a brand new game on 10 year old PC, I hardly consider that M.S's fault. IN gaming it performs identical to win7, the only difference is the ram usage, but with 4gb I think I'm fine. It also runs DX11, not bad for a black sheep ;)

P.S I don't own a 360 or PS3, so you little kids can just stfu because this has nothing to do with brand loyalty, I am on the side of common sense, and this article didn't give any credit to the primary aspect of M.S's business, which is software.

va_bank2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

The article just points out that they have lost leadership in some key areas. It does mention Win7 as a success.