Famitsu software sales (10/18 - 10/24)

Top ten software sales estimates in Japan have been released. Vanquish, Medal of Honor, Beat Sketch! and more make their first appearance on the chart.

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toaster2942d ago

Can't wait for Black/White to hit Western shores...

Epic Yarn looks really unique. Might have to dust off the ol Wii.

TroyAndAbed2942d ago

Kirby's Epic Yarn is set up at most GameStop's nationwide. I definitely suggest trying it. It's amazing!

(Yes, I played the entire game at GameStop. Lol.)

tacosRcool2942d ago

So either you played it for many hours or it was short?

Game-ur2942d ago

Is hell freezing over? Shooters are becoming regular top 10 sellers in Japan

TroyAndAbed2942d ago

I got through it in about 8 hours. That's not terribly short for a Kirby game.

TOO PAWNED2942d ago

Ps3 domination on that list.