Top 5 possible appearances of the new Xbox 720

It has been five years since the Xbox 360 came on the market. Time flies, and Microsoft will eventually have to launch a new console. Will it be something like the current Xbox 360 console or it will be a handheld, it is still not known. Fans of video games and Microsoft’s gaming platform to date have made a lot of pictures that are supposed to represent the appearance of new consoles, and we have selected our top five.

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SWORDF1SH2852d ago

I want the next gen already. I'm a tech whore.

Whatever happens MS can pat their selves on the back for making the xbox brand a viable gaming console this this gen.

Cold 20002852d ago

The real winners this gen are MS for becoming a relevant force in the industry and Ninty for taking back the number one spot after a 2 gen drought.

SWORDF1SH2852d ago

For once cold I agree with you.

But as from a gaming point of view the PS3 hasn't let me down.


darthv722852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

I can remember when sega and nintendo released a new system almost every 5-6 years.

Now, with game development taking upwards of 2+ years, by the time the game comes out it would almost be time for a new system. Some games have even spanned a generation to be released on the next gen. I think too human is one. If GT5 keeps taking its could be another.

2011 i can see the annoucement. 2012 the release. Sony will have to follow up with at least an announcement to save face. One thing is for sure, the next gen will NOT be as close in specs between the two as this one has been.

The spies will be stopped at the door.

I just expect them to think far enough ahead to where the tech will still be viable in 4-5 years. Bluray maybe, but that is just a disc format. I'm talking about cpu speed and most importantly...MEMORY. Who uses 512mb memory anymore? It has become a bit of a bottle neck and it is starting to show. 5 years may have seemed like allot but now...hell no.

AAACE52852d ago

I get a feeling we will see the next console release next year, but for some reason, I get a feeling it will come out in 2012! Either way, E3 2011 will shed some light on the subject.

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morkendo232852d ago

these FAKE console posting going to show up?? and WHY??
damn, just last week a posting about "what will ps4 LOOK LIKE" we all pick either # 5 or # 6 now this crap. must be slow day at the ol office "NEW ideal" committee.

mushroomwig2853d ago

You know, people need to be prepared for the possibility that Microsoft, Sony or even Nintendo may not even release another console. Of course I doubt that'll happen, but nothing is certain in life.

Zlix2853d ago

I don't agree with you, they are hungry for money :D

mushroomwig2853d ago

True, but it costs a lot of time and money to create these systems and there's no guarantee that they'll make their money back.

sinclaircrown2852d ago

As longs as we don't have a 4th competitor, I think anything Sony, MS or Ninty release will 'eventually' make a profit. Even if its mainly through software, DLC, add-ons, etc.

Eventually they will turn a profit. Not to mention an announcement from either company saying the won't release another console would send their share price plummiting!

I think unless one of them flops, and I mean REALLY flops, worse than Game-cube, or the 360's RROD debacle then they will continue to develop new consoles.

Well, thats my opinion anyway...

sinclaircrown2852d ago

Of course there's also the possibility of a 4th console emerging that sends the others the way of the Dreamcast.

Doubt any of them need to worry too much about that any time soon. But with companies like Apple, and Google out there who seem to be on course to at somepoint be the brand name of EVERY product under the sun its always a lingering possibility...

ShadowRyuX2852d ago


Considering google is a software company and they seem to have a pretty good relationship with Sony, as well as a few other hardware companies, I think they're pretty content with staying software as of now. However, I will say that I see them eventually making the transition into hardware, but I'd give it at least 5 years as there are many avenues I think that they will explore before that. Still, I have a feeling we will see a buyout of a hardware company by google somewhere down the line.

And as for Apple, they tried once and failed, but with the recent success of the iPhone and, to a lesser extent, the iPad I don't don't them giving it another go.

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Godmars2902852d ago

Supposedly, MS is in the process of releasing another console in the form of Kinect.

My question is will they ever be able to put out a system relying on word of mouth? Outside of the US anyway, will the always have to dump mountains of cash just to see modest returns or situations like the Wii and PS3 where they have to fight to keep #2.

Zezo2853d ago

I hope none of these get selected. sure they sucks.

darthawesome902852d ago

Don't worry mock designs have been coming out for every console generation for years. I have yet to see one come close to the real thing.

jonnyjd12852d ago

But I will go one step further. I wish these stories wouldn't even make it to N4G. Dumb. Not news...not rumor. I vote to remove this article.

ohdavey2852d ago

Yeah I'm already sick of the 360 and PS3 designs .. let's see the next-gen consoles SOON!

PS360PCROCKS2852d ago

I could care less what these consoles look like. Show me what's iNSIDE, that's all that matters to me!

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