Microsoft's Spencer: Stereoscopic Gaming Promising, Not 'Really Accessible' Yet

Microsoft Game Studios' corporate vice president Phil Spencer sees the potential in stereoscopic 3D technology on home consoles, but suggests it is not yet ready for the mass market.

Speaking to Gamasutra in a new in-depth interview, while the executive noted the interesting benefits 3D technologies can offer, he argued that the hardware requirements, namely stereoscopic displays and glasses, have yet to to reach a large audience.

"I can’t enable your house for‭ ‬3D," says Spencer, "‬It’s cool,‭ ‬and I played Batman: Arkham Asylum all the way through with my‭ ‬3D glasses on,‭ ‬but it’s hard to me to see this as really being accessible.‭"

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The Wood2854d ago

This guy makes sense but theres nothing wrong with being at the forefront. The likelihood is it will catch on just like hdtvs, blu rays hdmi etc etc. I understand the wait n see attitude also

Fishy Fingers2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

I've said it before, MS have nothing to currently gain from 3D, they dont make TV or glasses, where as Sony do, they have an invested interest in the tech becoming the norm.

If it takes off, MS will support it, but they have no need to push it when there is currently very little call for it.

I actually believe Sony are pushing too hard at the minute, making games support 3D obviously takes up time and resources that could be used else where (in the game), and very few people are reaping the rewards of that right now.

But like you said, you want to be ahead of the game if it suddenly takes off.

nix2854d ago

well... even justin beiber has a 3D movie coming up for christ sake... oh it will catch on.

Nineball21122854d ago

Well, he is partially correct. It actually IS accessible right now, but I think it will take a while for MASS market acceptance. Many ppl are just now making the jump to the HD flatscreens, let alone to the 3D ones.

Had the option been there 2 years ago, when I got my new tv, I would have definitely looked into it, but as it is, I'm not about to sink another couple of grand just to get 3D.

MS is taking a "wait and see" approach, as normal.