Soccer Moms Love Kinect!

In what might be a slip of the tongue, Microsoft's Phil Spencer suggested that gamers and the Kinect audience are different groups of people. It may sound ridiculous to suggest that the soccer Moms of Oprah's audience are the intended adopters of Kinect...but would that be such a bad idea if it were true?

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btk2704d ago

Yes - I can see that... the upmarket house with the tea party and half of the women crowded around the XB360 playing Dance Central...


number472703d ago

Honestly, its amazing to watch 500 million in action. If they would have spent 1/2 that on new technology, I think they would have been able to deliver the minority report experience & a lineup for core & new(nintendo owners). Instead...

Its like that vista vs mac commercial, where they spend all the money on advertising instead of fixing vista.