Activision and Tiesto team up for music video comprised of game footage

GamerZines writes:

Activision have today announced that in a unique partnership with superstar DJ and Producer, Tiesto, they are to deliver the first ever music video that is to be comprised entirely of game footage.

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Leafhopper2850d ago

this in the past.

All this for an overly developed VGMV (Video Game music video) that could be found on youtube. Not only that they will probably have people buy tickets to see this thing.

Killed4Less2850d ago

Crappy music for a crappy video game company. Sounds like a match..

First ever music video that is compromised entirely of game footage? uhhh, no..

Belasco2850d ago

I actually like Tiesto, but thats just my personal taste

Killed4Less2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Double post.

Quagmire2850d ago

Who is this tool? Everyone knows that Daft Punk are the world's greatest DJ's.