Amazon and Gamestop Offer Competing Discounts


"Online retailers and Gamestop are going head to head this Halloween with competing offers on the latest video game releases. is offering a 15% off coupon on any video games (in-stock) priced $29.99 or more. Free shipping is also offered with this deal. The Gamestop offer expires on October 31, 2010.

In response, Amazon began offering a 15% discount promo code on select game titles as well. Over 300 games are featured as part of this online sale."

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im-12-years-old2762d ago

im soviet Russia, capitalism kills you

TroyAndAbed2762d ago

I work for one team...

...but the other team is better. ;)

im-12-years-old2762d ago

you work for amazon omg omg omg

can you get me a free kindle?!?!?!?

plb2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Prefer Amazon for most things but Gamestop is literally a 2min walk right across the street from my house. So midnight releases and picking up a new game are quite convenient ;]

showtimefolks2762d ago

but i think that's gonna stop because amazon just have better deal overall.

the reason i use gamestop more is i usually trade my games to get something else i hope someone other than GS can get a decent trade in system this sedn your games than waiting doesn't work for most of us

i want games now and GS usually have buy 2 get 1 free sale that's always my fav

ddurand12762d ago

well maybe if you grew some patience you would learn to use amazons trade in system. It offers you more money on nearly every single game as well.

Gamers arent known for their patience though I guess.

spaceinvader2762d ago

if you are really patient, wait a year for the games you want, but don't need to play right away (case in point - Beatles Rock Band)

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