Squier to only work on the Xbox 360 version of Rock Band 3?

When the new saw the daylight earlier today, the new instrument compatibility chart for Rock Band 3 was also included.

What's funny about it is that the highly anticipated Squier by Fender aka "the real guitar", which is still yet to be released, seems to be Xbox 360 only.

Rock Band 3 was released October 26th.

EDIT: The link is broken, use this instead:

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rdgneoz32796d ago

Guitars & Basses XBOX 360 PS3* Wii PS2**
Rock Band 3 Squier yes yes yes n/a


eagles19902796d ago

Squier PS3 Yes

Epic Fail

ropelli902792d ago

As you can see from the picture the squier had only yes on 360. HMX have changed/fixed this, that happened after this story was approved.