Peter Molyneux - "Reviewers aren't real gamers"

With the recent release of Fable III, the review embargo curtain has been lifted to unveil some fairly mixed reviews to the new adventure/RPG title. The series creator, Peter Molyneux, had this to say on Twitter in response...


Update: Though neither of the Twitter accounts under Peter Molyneux have been verified, it does seem likely, especially given the second's description, that the Twitter account from whence this quote came is indeed NOT the real Peter Molyneux. Therefore, this article is merely a speculation on the perpetration of somebody else's opinion on Molyneux's name. My apologies for the incorrect info.

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MAJ0R2853d ago

now Pete has reached an all time low XD

saying reviewers aren't gamers = fail

Neckbear2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Reviewers normally have an obligation of playing games, even the ones they dislike.

We only play games for fun.


Really, define "gamer". It's someone who likes gaming and enjoys the hobby, that's all. Reviewers aren't real "gamers" since, most of the time, they just DON'T enjoy many games and are much biased on their opinions, as well as different factors as marketing and how much money the game you're going to review is giving your page (In terms of ADs, anyways.)

Hell, I don't even like calling people "gamers" because it sounds stupid as hell, but he's right this time. These people just play a game and then rate the mechanics, they don't enjoy said game like ALOT of people do.

About Molyneux being pissed off, ah, he is, perhaps. You still gotta admit, he's right this time around.

avengers19782853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

@Neckbear wouldn't that make them more of a gamer. I mean they play just about everything; most of them have played games most of us have never even heard of.
Moly's just pissed that Fabel 3 didn't get a better score. Even though it got an 8 or 9 I think he wanted the 9 to 10 review.

The Wood2853d ago

I'd be inclined to agree with him

kancerkid2853d ago

What reviews have middling scores for this game. All I have seen are great reviews?

gamerdude1322853d ago

Oh, nice, so I'm not a gamer despite SOMEWHAT ENJOYING MOST of the games to play to differing degrees. Sure, I play a bunch of horrible games, but to say "reviewers aren't real gamers because they're biased" (that's not how I am...) is like saying you are not a real gamer because you don't play as many games as us non-gamer reviewers do.

Neckbear2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

What I was trying to say is than reviewers usually don't really enjoy games because, most of the time, they feel OBLIGATED to play them.

Playing a game FOR FUN and playing a game BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO OR YOU WON'T GET PAID are two different things, silly.

One is enjoyable, and the other isn't. And, I would say, if you don't enjoy playing games, you ain't really a "gamer".

Ah, whatever. There are some reviewers who enjoy games too, but I'm sure the majority simply plays games as an obligation, rather than a hobby.


Yes, that is right, but liking a game =/= playing a game for an obligation.

Think about it. Playing a game for work instead of for fun. That's simply something that will -probably- make you hate games.

Although, then again, alot of reviewers are cool guys, so yeah. I would say SOME don't enjoy games, and some do.

dead_eye2853d ago

Sorry neckbear that just doesn't make sense. For one your making assumptions. And you don't have to like every game to be a gamer.

Bigpappy2853d ago

Many of these reviewer bring their personal gripe in to the review process. Some of them just do it to pay their bills and aren't really gamers. Like pacther stiking his noise in gaming when is is actually a finacial guy. Knows nothing about gaming.

Perjoss2853d ago

his speaks the truth, but he could have timed this better... because saying that now looks like he's being bitter about the fable 3 scores.

outwar60102853d ago

i agree with him alot of games that i love playing and thought were epic got pretty ordinary reviews

HolyOrangeCows2853d ago

LOL, Fable III has some disappointing reviews, I see.

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Nihilism2853d ago

"Molyneux isn't a real developer"

The Wood2853d ago

He's given me some great gaming experiences in the past....Yes it was a while ago but still he deserves credit for his past works...Now he's fallen in line with the MS 'devs must be hypemen' nonsense

-Alpha2853d ago

I thought Molyneux always had a rep for overhyping things?

Anyways, I'm real g'dammit! Though I'm a gamer first and foremost. While I agree some reviewers are forced to review games they may not like it doesn't change the fact that most reviewers seemed to know what they were talking about with the Fable reviews-- or any review for that matter

ryuzu2853d ago

Mean. But developers aren't real gamers either.


MNicholas2853d ago

Frankly, I don't know why people even read reviews.

Having said that, Molyneux hasn't produced anything good in years.

The first Fable on the original Xbox really was special and inspired many other games but it's been downhill since then.

josh143992853d ago

i agree reviews should be ignored. Peter Molyneux problem is that he likes to streamline his recent games so much that there is no challenge and everything is too basic. i love games similar to fable but the ones i like have more depth. i'm not hating on the game because i know people new to RPG's will enjoy it but i can't see people who have played other RPG's loving the game.

Super-Brad2853d ago

I agree too, I've been playing MoH lately and despite the reviews, me being a gamer, I have enjoyed the game much more than I expected.

Game reviewers, although sometimes good at their job of critically analysing a game, forget the important part, 'Is it fun?'

StanLee2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

I don't think it's that he wants there to be no challenge but he wants gamers to enjoy the experience, without frustration. He tries to make his games accessible to all. If you're a more experienced gamer, you'll get more out of the combat and side quests than someone who just wants to enjoy the story. My wife finished Fable II, here first role playing game. Black and White was the same way in that it was about the experience and it's one of the greatest games ever. He's right, reviewers aren't gamers because it's not about the experience for them. They have to finish a game in such a short window that it's about the instant gratification. How else can you explain reviewers lauding Modern Warfare 2's campaign? Because in the short time of reviewing the game, it was thrilling and exciting, nevermind that the experience was hollow. I put 40 hours into Fable II. Simple things like moving my family to Oakvale and redecorating our cottage with luxury items were an enjoyable experience for me. A reviewer doesn't have time to indulge in those game mechanics and its those kinds of interactions that make Fable great.

Zinc2853d ago

Interesting observation. I think you are likely on to something. I'm suprised you only have 1 bubble, but I haven't looked at your comment history.


to be fair it's not just him trying to stream line ( make noob friendly )his games, All dev's or nearly all devs seem to be going down the root. its getting really annoying.

StanLatMarveldotCom2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

You see, that's the problem though. I would gather 85% of the gamers on finish games but they're a very small minority, the core gamer. You see the figures; Only 40% of gamers finished that game or this game and the reality is, the majority of gamers, the casual gamers who buy a game for it to be successful, get frustrated with dying over and over again and just quit. They don't finish games. Look at Enslaved, reviewers called the platforming simplistic but it's that way to encourage gamers to experience the story without the frustration of an ill timed jump. More gamers will finish these games. Core gamers think they're the majority and games should be made for them but they're not; They're just a very vocal minority and developers see the numbers. Lionhead can tell you how many people didn't change clothing or hair styles or weapons in their playthrough of Fable II because it wasn't simple enough. I read a review where a reviewer criticized Fable III for its simplicity where in one quest there is a key in a room with arrows pointing to the key or the cookie crumb trail which returns, but what reviewers and core gamers don't understand is that the majority of gamers need that hand holding.


I agree with you but that does not make it any less annoying.

it's like many things in this day and age, everyone wants it done for them, everyone wants the fastest easiest way of doing stuff with the littlest effort possible on their part.

I agree with all your points, which is more and more the reason I am loosing interest in gaming. it does not matter because as you put it, I am a core gamer and we don't make up the majority anymore. times have changed, gaming has changed.

back in the days you had to "look" for the key because that was part of the game, the excitment of exploring a room, you would find the key hidden somewhere, you would pick it up and it would trigger a boss fight or something. Now the arrow points to the key, you pick it up and a boss appears along with a press x, then press why to beat him.

still some people need that, and they need to be catered for in someway. I don't mean to sound like a di%k head, even though I know I am being one.

dagamdagee2853d ago

I don't even know if Peter knows what a game is anymore. He's gone overboard with this silly little notion that games are "emotional" experiences. Reviewers are gamers. However, Peter Molyneux is no longer a gamer. He's an interactive movie auteur.

StanLatMarveldotCom2853d ago

So games shouldn't be emotional experiences? You shouldn't connect with the characters and the world? So I gather for you, gaming should be solely about gameplay without a narrative to tie it all together? If that's the case, what is your motivation to finish a game other than to see it end? It doesn't sound like you're much of a gamer. Gaming has evolved to be an interactive, entertainment medium. If developers thought like you did, we'd still be playing Pong and Tetris.

dagamdagee2853d ago

Nice knee-jerk reaction. You're missing my point completely. Peter is sacrificing play for the emotional experience. I'm all for the emotional experience, and I've written on this topic before. You can't have an emotional experience with a game when your avatar's only reaction to situations are: A) Fart B)Kill it with fire C) Thumbs Up. That's not emotional, that is a tacky replacement for actually trying to do something innovative. You cannot even hope to match me on comprehension of narrative design if you keep trying to play the knight in shining armor role for video games. Especially when dealing with developers and publishers who, despite your hopes and dreams, do not care about your emotional reaction to a game. They do, however, enjoy grabbing that $60 from you with the guise of providing a "rich emotional experience." Please.

Baka-akaB2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

It's one of the only few times i agree with Peter Molyneux ... damages control or not

N4WAH2853d ago

Most reviewers are not real gamers.
I rarely ever agree with Peter but this is one time I agree 100%.
I have been saying this for years. I rarely agree with reviews. Reviews are just an extension of advertising / marketing.

karl2853d ago

yep i have to agree aswell... im not fable fun

the last good game he made was black and white (the first one)

but damage control or not... he said something true... even though all reviewers start as gamers eventually so much criticism on games make them forget whats really important...

and for the most important part... being objective over a game is impossible

AlienFodder2853d ago

"and for the most important part... being objective over a game is impossible."

This is so very true. Sometimes I feel like some reviewers let the mood they were in at the time they played a game totally influence their opinion of it. :) I also think that if a reviewer doesn't like a particular genre of games, he or she should simply not write about them. But that's just my own opinion.

Drjft2853d ago

Liars aren't real developers.

Can I get an AMEN?!

NexGen2853d ago

I think Molyneux should go back to making games and stop trying to create interactive therapy sessions, or games with this deep emotional connection. Kojima ends up pulling it off without that being the main focus or trying to directly be overly emotional - it seems that Kojima looks to the whole experience, whereas Molyneux looks at one aspect of it, just to compare the two.

Garnett2853d ago

Your saying SCEA and SCEJ aren't real developers? Shocking...