Where's The 360's Uncharted 3?

NowGamer: make a 360 exclusive to rival Uncharted 2, Microsoft would have to throw a lot of money at a developer it could trust to handle a lot of very difficult challenges, with no guarantee of commercial success even if it was creatively on the money. Sony took that risk with the first Uncharted, which was a very slow burner in sales terms, but really reaped the rewards with the sequel, which sold millions in no time at all...

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stonecold32525d ago

on 360 will never happen not unless sony gives up the hardware race which wont happen anytime soon plus sony owns the rights to uncharted i doubt 360 game will never go anywhere near uncharted maybe next gen

NoLongerHere2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Uncharted 2 ( 2009 ) looks ten time better than Gears 3 ( 2011 ), so I guess it's safe to say that the 360 will never have a game that looks as good as Uncharted 2, so Uncharted 3 ...

By the way, here's the exclusive games that are confirmed for a 2011 release for PS3 / 360

PS3 :

LittleBigplanet 2
Killzone 3
MotorStorm Apocalypse
Yakuza 4
Infamous 2
Twisted Metal
Shadow of the Colossus & ICO Collection
Resistance 3
Ratchet & Clank All 4 One
The Last Guardian

360 :

Gears of War 3

boing2525d ago

nothing fanboyish about this at all

Game-ur2525d ago

I believe Uncharted 2 cost 25 million to develop, with the half a billion MS is spending on Kinect; they could have made 20 games of that level.

NoLongerHere2525d ago

You can't do everything with money, you need talent too.

And ND are the best developpers of the world.

Shadow Flare2525d ago

Yep, Microsoft would rather spend $500,000,000 on marketing kinect and spend $50,000,000 on a bit of timed exclusive dlc for GTAIV. Pathetic. But that's the Microsoft way. The gamers interest are always last.

Sonys approach is far better. They're willing to support risky ventures like heavy rain and Littlebigplanet. ICO and shadow of the collosus didn't sell mega numbers, but here we are awaiting a third installment with the last guardian. Look how many games are coming for ps3. Amazing high quality games at that. Sony spends the money on games, not marketing, and as a gamer that's what I like

Hands Up For Games2525d ago

Your comfort balnket (list) must keep you really warm at night Kevin.

Didnt think that grown men needed comfort blankets though, unless your not really a grown man and are actually a pre pubescent teen?

Game-ur2525d ago

They may not be able to match the power of the PS3 or the talent of ND, but they can at least create new (real) exclusive franchises to go along Halo, Forza, GOW and Fable.

MS dumped games with great potential like Lost Odyssey, Kemeko and Alan Wake, with some of that 500m they could have made improved squeals and maybe ad a few more franchises to their library.

-Alpha2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

@ ND being the "world's best":

They make one game that takes them into super-stardom and suddenly they are the best in the world?

It's only after UC2 that ND was even considered in the same league as Bioware, Valve, etc. And as great as UC2 is, one game doesn't make the devs the "best in the world".

I've thought ND was great ever since Jak II but saying they are the absolute best after one game is complete opinion and very debatable. Especially since other devs have made games that pushed much more, with much less resources.

Hank Hill2525d ago


I agree with you but with that logic why is Bungie and Infinity Ward considered to be top devs with only one game each?

-Alpha2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Bungie and Infinity Ward are considered the top devs in the genre of Multiplayer shooter. In that same way Naughty Dog is considered top devs in their genre of action games.

But to say any of these guys are the world's best is a hard case to make considering the diversity and conditions of what determines who is the world's best. I think we have to look at impact, significance, innovation, etc. to determine that.

Game-ur2525d ago

ND is the best right now, and will stay the best until someone makes a better looking more fun and more polished than Uncharted 2.

It may be Team Ico with the last guardian
Or Bungies next game
Or Killzon 3
Or maybe Rage

zootang2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Just to point out that UC2 did not make Naughty Dog famous. That was Crash Bandicoot and that was what put them on the map.

Edit: The Jak series also helped.

Snack_Raccoon2524d ago


I think since you included a Move title in with the PS3 exclusives, it's only fair to include Kinect games in the 360 exclusives.

Even then though, 360 *might* have more, but when you look at the quality of said games, PS3 still wins IMO.

alb18992524d ago


With money you buy talent too.

Boody-Bandit2524d ago

You don't deserve to wear it since you forgot MLB The Show 11. Why when there is a list made showing PS3 exclusives MLB The Show is left off 9 out of 10 times? MLB the show is not only an amazing baseball games but it's one of the best sports games to be released year after year.

inveni02524d ago

Wait...where's the PS3's Uncharted 3? Did I miss something?

Frankly, I think the better question is: Where is the 360's Uncharted 2?

Saladfax2524d ago

ND is great, spectacular even, but the best?

It's a heavy-handed statement motivated by hero-worship. I'm not necessarily disagreeing, but I think Valve, BioWare, Blizzard, and Tim Shafer (mostly kidding) have enough strong points to merit discussion on that.

Oh, and for the record, Bungie made a large number of spectacular games before Halo. Not that many folks really played them, but hey...

RageAgainstTheMShine2524d ago

Wasn't Alan Wake supposed to be Uncharted 2 killer?

darthv722524d ago

no, it was just supposed to be Alan Wake.

On topic, I can only assume the reason the 360 has not been pushed to the limit is because of lack of a real dedicated engine and developer to take advantage of that.

360 has been panned as the UE3 system and most devs feel comfortable using it because its easy. If there is a company to step outside the box and really create a ground breaking engine 'exclusively' for the 360...please step up to the podium.

MS has done an excellent job with the 360 in the direction (i believe) they wanted to go. Create the most user friendly 3rd party dev platform available.

They have made it like windows. Customers may hate it but developers love it.

Trebius2524d ago

And it doesnt look nearly as good as Uncharted 2.

It's exactly the same as Gears 2, just slight upgrades.

360 will never catch up. This proves it.

We've all seen the gameplay footage, it's no contest.

Wait til Uncharted 3 comes out, then the 360 will look more than a Generation behind.

inveni02524d ago

Didn't Epic create the UE3 engine? Aren't they also behind Gears 3? Isn't Gears 3 shaping up to be the best looking 360 game to date? Since Gears 3 is 360 exclusive, wouldn't it make since to tweak the UE3 engine to the 360's strengths? If they are building the Gears 3 engine for the 360, and the creators of the engine are behind all of it, wouldn't it make sense to say that Gears 3 is as good as it's going to get for the 360 for now?

Notice those are all questions...not statements.

Kran2524d ago

Im a 360 person, and i've been tempted to get a PS3 many times due to these exclusives. I'm still tempted now. But its just the mechanics look so dull on the dashboard and thats what puts me off ¬¬

NewsForMe2524d ago

10 times better? Keep telling yourself that. The only problem with Gears of War 2 was the shitty lighting that made everything look bad. Gears of War 3 fixes that problem.

Cenobia2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Are you talking about the XMB (the PS3's user interface)?

You can put a custom theme on it and you can even make your own.

darthv722524d ago

nothng against epic. Like your questions, the simple answer to all of them is the unreal 3 engine IS NOT an EXCLUSIVE engine for the 360. Tweaks here and there are so common place.

As a 360 gamer, yes I envy sony for having the talent of Guerella and Naughty dog. Both have created exclusive engines for their games that you wont see anywhere else. It isnt like they will be used in PC versions of KZ2 or UC2.

They share programming tricks amongst each other and other exclusive developers to the ps3. 360 really has UE3 and its various tweaked editions but realistically, that's it.

I would LOVE to see RARE come out with something you would NEVER see on the PC and it be the engine that pulls the best of the best out of the 360. I say rare because that is an example of a still 1st/2nd party to MS.

Ultimately I stand by my last statement that MS made the 360 as developer friendly as they could to garner the most 3rd party support of any other platform.

tordavis2524d ago

Enslaved looks as good as UC2.

TechnicalBS2524d ago

Thanks for pointing out the obvious. Not many gamers realize that the PS3 is a much more powerful machine compared to the 360. We need more people to tell the masses that PS3 is one powerful machine.. when compared to the 360. Hell it goes both ways. Just look at the PS2 vs. Xbox fanboys.

And thanks for that list. It doesn't make much sense why people buy 360s when the selection of exclusive games on the PS3 is much better.. oh wait! Isn't the comparison between two consoles, specifically games, the basis of opinion and not which console is better based on game selection? Of course! That would be contradictory.

I'm glad that you're enjoying the games on your PS3. I'm also glad that you're looking forward to the future release of games for the PS3. It's a shame that 360 owners can't enjoy any of the exclusive games for the PS3. If they did, they'd probably own a PS3 as we speak but that isn't the case. Even if the selection of 360 exclusive games is a little light in comparison to the PS3, opinions differ regardless which console holds the most exclusives.

Some gamers don't even consider the exclusive games. Both consoles are abundant in third party support and games alike. That in conjunction with exclusive games, regardless of how meager the exclusive first party support might be is still a significant amount. It's the basis of opinion that a consumer decides which console he wants to buy. Whether it's three exclusive games, or 20 that a consumer decides to buy.

It's their taste and you shouldn't fault them for it because their choice lacks in first party games. If you're going to hate on them because of it, you need to grow out of your fanboyism and accept that other people have different taste in game selection.

Roozium2524d ago

Seriously Kevin_Butler, get a life instead of trolling. I can't believe how sad people can be. Gaming is supposed to entertain us, not turn us into assholes who have to write "PS3 iz ze best!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!" ; in every f*cking article.

Coogi2524d ago

GET OFF SONYS SACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Losers a loser.

elmaton982524d ago

Hey man I'm starting to hate Sony cause they have a huge list of games and I'm running low on cash ( BTW I have almost every exclusive on PS3 and let me tell you I love every one of them plus I'm a trophy whore and I'm a ps+ member so the future look bright to me not like those in the dark ( yeah you 360 fanboys ) )

ChineseDemocracy2524d ago

Okay, I'm a big Sony fan, but that was some pretty blatant trolling buddy. 360 has quite a few exclusives coming out in 2011; most of them are just kinect related.

SaberEdge2524d ago

Uncharted 2 is one of my favorite games of all time and I do think it is currently the best looking game on consoles, but you have to be seriously delusional if you think it looks 10 times better than Gears of War 3. I'm not even sure if it looks better at all.

Gears of War 3 looks phenomenal and everything I have seen leads me to believe that it is somewhere in the same ballpark as Uncharted 2. We'll just have to wait and see. It might even look better than Uncharted 2.


most of these games aren't going to sell a ton of consoles....they're fanstatic games but no console mover at the other hand MS has one hard hitting title that will move consoles and creat massive sales the same fomula they use for Halo Reach.

avengers19782524d ago

Won't they be trying to competer with uncharted 3 soon, and Since Uncharted 2 was better than one. We can only assume that Uncharted 3 will be better as well.

ShadowCK2524d ago

Your sorely mistaken if you think the Xbox 360 only has Gears of war 3 next year. Let's not forget games such as Kingdoms, XCOM, Perfect Dark 2, Forza: Kinect are coming out next year. The fact you have to name sequels to games that have already failed, ran out of steam or are simply already out only begins to describe the desperation in your post.

Gears of war 3 is coming out. It will curb stomp all of those games into the ground and never rise again. Kinect is coming. It will take away the casual gaming crowd from Sony and make Microsoft stronger. Microsoft has plans and the fact Sony is in last place and losing tells us of their success.

TheLastGuardian2524d ago

I love how yesterday Kevin_Butlers comment was marked as "trolling" and today it's marked as "well said" LMAO

Kran2524d ago

@cenobia might just do that

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boing2525d ago ShowReplies(8)
Pennywise2525d ago

Kincharted coming to an xbox near you.

elmaton982524d ago

Hahaha even kincharted sound more interesting than any other game coming out on kinect

TheLastGuardian2524d ago

Wtf is this 1 game BS? Naughty Dog has been making great games since the PS1.

Redempteur2524d ago

i agree , crash bandiccot , jack and daxter were millestones on previous sony consoles ..

NObody would forget about THEM

Finalfantasykid2524d ago

Indeed. Not to mention that UC2 is (I think) the most decorated game in history. There is even a Wikipedia page for it's record breaking number of awards. -->

elmaton982524d ago

There not a worst blind that the who don't wanna see

punkpop1012524d ago

If Ps3 fanboys read the article instead of just pointing us to the obvious they'd knew that they say about a game to rival Uncharted 3 not Uncharted 3 the game.

Persistantthug2524d ago

Because all of Microsoft's game development money went to Oprah and Bieber,

that's why.

dragonelite2524d ago

Gears 3 looks like 360 caliber uncharted 3 game.
But hey the fanboys are so crazy they still even think uncharted 1 looks better then anything on the 360 but that just bullshit.
All exclusives do is be 1 year ahead of the pack and hell Rage from id is likely to be 1 year ahead of some exclusive sans the 60 fps sim racers.

2524d ago
Biggest2524d ago

There are plenty of graphics comparisons between Uncharted (the original) and Gears of War 2 showing how far behind GoW2 was. You can probably use those same comparisons against subsequent 360 games and the result will be the same. The 360 has had a rough time comparing graphics with PS3 exclusives.

maxcer2524d ago

its a sad day when people place visuals ahead of fun and gameplay. Uncharted1 was a good game and so was gears, which one looks better? who gives a fuck.

but i can tell you one thing, gears has provided so much more enjoyment due to the fact it was a blast to play the MP. same with U2 great game looks good, but it takes a back seat to gears1/2 co-op and multiplayer.

Dark_king2524d ago

And I would say just the Uncharted 2 was more enjoyable both online and off.Those are called opinion and everyone has there own.

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Persistantthug2524d ago

Many different games in many different, RPG's, platformers, Action-Adventure....even a fighting game (although that one sucked)

I don't wanna hear about Valve this and Bioware that.

As far as I'm concerned, as Sweet as Half Life may be...all Valve has done is First Person Shooter/Perspective games. You know what that's called?

It's called a ONE TRICK PONY.

Bioware doesn't fare much better...slightly..but not much.

Naughty Dog has proven itself for decades.

humbleopinion2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Alien Swarm. Top down perspective.
As much as you are right about ND, you should try it before claiming Valve only made first person perspective games.

Persistantthug2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

A mod team did, to which, Valve eventually hired.

Not only is Valve a One Trick Pony,

But half the games they do have are nothing but mods basically....and some of those Valve didn't even make themselves.

Valve = One Trick Pony.

duplissi2524d ago

yes but they do that one trick very very well... fuck! wheres my hl2 episode 3! or better yet where the hell is half life 3?

DeathMetal2524d ago

gay as cartoon platformers, who gives a shit about those. I'll take HL any day over that crap.

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Christopher2524d ago

I'm guessing it's sitting right next to the PS3's Halo.

Dark_king2524d ago

you mean bungie has it over at activision.

phatak2524d ago

waiting for the next xbox to come out:P

specialguest2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Read the damn article. It's not about uncharted going to the 360.

InTheKnow2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

@ Kevin ButtHURT...Comparing a great game like Gears to Uc 2 is an insult. Indiana Drake and the lost cause is for Ma, Pa and the kids. Ak-47 is not next gen. The demon Yeti is not next gen...Helo boss battles are not next gen...the one button miracle jump is sad platforming and not next gen...and ALL ( 564...O_o ) THE CUT SCENES/SIMULATIONS are not next gen. They woke up and smelled the coffee by bringing in a " REAL " platforming game designer from the Tomb Raider series for UC 3...but probably won't help. They stole everything from the Indiana Jones story, Gears cover system and Prince of Persia platforming. Here's Indiana Drake in 2009 fighting a " demon Yeti "...sad really...

Here's Gears from way back in the day...2006, 3 years before UC 2. You let me know when Sony and ALL the PS3 exclusives can reach this greatness. Brutal Melee, insane weapons, enemies that rip apart into tiny fleshy bits...ALL in game IN REAL TIME. Some of the most detailed and incredible looking animations EVER. Nothing on PS3 comes close, save for GOW. All this on a multi-platform gaming engine...The last level in Gears Of Madness 1...ENJOY.

Gears 2...Bigger, better...more bada$$ indeed...

Gears Of Greatness 2011...

Great list of games...they look like all the games that were suppose to release this you SURE they will release in 2011??? Before E3 this year I heard the same thing...nothing but rentals and few at that in 2010 for the PS3...I know, I OWN one.

Sevir042524d ago

That comment was sooo full of fail!!! Even cliffy agree's that Uncharted 2 and GOW3 were miles better looking and better playing than his game! thats why he extended Gear's developmentcycle to a 3 year cycle to get more out of the engine and the 360 and they STILL cant match Uncharted 2. LOL!!!! Dont Hate on uncharted because it's beautiful!.

Morituri2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Looks like someone has alot of time on his hands.

Why don't you put that energy into writing a book instead of posting mile long forum rants?

number472524d ago

So do GDC awards & Gaming awards.. which is why Uncharted 2 has more than the entire Gears franchise.

duplissi2524d ago


what a troll...

dont feed it.

amplitudestomper2524d ago

So you're argument is that Gears is better because it has intense, graphic violence?

Since U2 has AK-47s its family oriented and not next get? MW and MW2 have the AK, would they be considered next gen[even though black ops might have the AK as well]? Weapons have nothing do with determining if a game is next gen or not? Complaing about the AK is a stupid thing to do. That would be like me saying "OOOOO. Red Dead Redemption has nothing but revolvers and repeater rifles so that game sucks." But the game takes place in THE EARLY 20TH CENTURY! It wouldn't make any sense to have a hybrid chainsaw/machine gun in that game. It doesn't fit the setting. The weapons and technology used in the game can tell you about the setting, time, and place in which the game is set. Since UC2 have Aks in it, that means the game takes place in modern day.

You complain that Uncharted stole Gears' cover system, but Gears did in fact steal the third person over the shoulder view from Resident Evil 4[Cliffy B did get the over the shoulder view idea from RE4], so who are you to pass judgment?

Blood, guts, spit and asses flying everywhere doesn't make Gears a better game than Uncharted. At least Naughty Dog has the common decency to beta the UC2 multi-player, unlike what Epic did for Gears 2. Just face it. The 360 and the Unreal Engine 3.5 are played out. All the Gears games look the same. And anybody with half a brain can tell you that Uncharted 2's graphics are far more superior than the entire Gears franchise.